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Obama Making Major Changes To His Staff

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American President Barack Obama is again changing the makeup of his advisory staff. Rahm Emanual is leaving to seek the Mayoralty of Chicago. David Axelrod will be removed from his advisory capacity to work exclusively on Obama’s re-election. Coming on board is another Chicagoan, the brother of the current Chicago Mayor, Richard M. Daley, the son of a most prominent previous Chicago Mayor, Mayor Richard J. Daley, Attorney William Daley.

Obama has found the Presidency to be anything but easy. The Republicans have supported obstructionism. The media, usually objective and pragmatic, are tightlipped and unresponsive on the issue of trials for terror suspects. One thing the President had going for him was a great staff; now they are leaving. Vice President Joe Bidden has a firm grasp on foreign relations, and works very well in that capacity, but is seen as a “loose cannon”, prone to unexpected utterances. Secretary of State Clinton has had little success in her endeavors. Obama may be tiring.

Now comes Chicagoan William Daley. William Daley is virtually unknown to the ordinary citizen of Chicago. The Daley name is linked by many outside of Illinois to corruption and graft. Chicagoans seldom agree with that scenario, but the world has a less friendly view.

Banks have been an issue in the months since the elections of 2008. Banks and fees are again an issue. But William Daley, proposed as the next presidential Chief of Staff, is an executive with JPMorgan Chase & Company. Chase is as we speak adding questionable fees, and has touted special gifts to encourage spending among credit card holders. Daley we are told will promote centrism within the congress, and greater communication between liberal Democrats, and conservative Republicans. That seems a good plan, but forces at work will be hard to overcome. Corporate interests are ever increasing in our congress, and JPMorgan Chase is a large and influential corporation.

Although he has worked with the National Advisory Council of Economic Opportunity, a group dedicated to aiding the workforce, and to job creation, William Daley, seventh and youngest of the children of  late Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley earns his living practicing law with the firm Daley and George. He has long association with banks; with the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago he rose to take the reigns as President and Chief Operating Officer. In addition he worked on the “North American Free Trade Agreement”, was Secretary of Commerce under President Bill Clinton, and he worked within the election campaign of Al Gore. William Daley does sit on the Council of Foreign Relations; in addition he was involved in Barack Obama’s transition team. One anecdote — In Chicago he criticized Chicago Cardinal Francis George on the issue of allowing Pro-life Obama to speak to the graduating class of the University of Notre Dame.

Obama has little choice but to run for reelection. Indeed he is probably the best candidate from the Democrats for that office. But we wonder, will he be able to take several more years of a stubborn and resistant congress?

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    I don’t agree. I rather enjoy my phraseology. I corrected the pro-life glitch at one point, but I failed to “update” following the correction. I don’t think it needs correction as long as my simpler correction was prompt and to the point.

  • John, I suggest you refer the correction to whoever edited and published this piece. You’re also guilty of some exceptionally tortured phraseology which cries out to be tidied up, particularly in your first paragraph.

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    I intended to use the phrase “pro-choice” in describing Obama in the second to last paragraph above.