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Obama is a Terrible Muslim

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Shame on you, Barack Hussein Obama!

Until recently, I’ve been operating under the impression that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, but I’ve been doing some homework and I’ve found that he’s a less-than-devout follower of Islam.

It’s bad enough that Obama’s father was an agnostic/atheist. Even his mother, although she married a Muslim named Lolo Soetoro, was a skeptic/Christian/agnostic. But wait, it gets worse.

In 2008, Obama was seen eating pork on the campaign trail. Now, everybody knows that good practicing Muslims don’t eat pork. It’s against Surah 2:173 in the Qur’an!

Another dietary commandment Obama broke was drinking alcohol. Not only did he drink alcohol, he provided it to two other men in a “beer summit.” Way to violate Surah 5:090.

I’ve yet to see Obama praying in a mosque or even at the required prayer times like he’s supposed to as well, but I have seen him praying with the Jews on the Western Wall in Jerusalem!

On top of all this, Obama acts as if he’s ashamed of the prophet Muhammad and Allah because he professes to be a Christian! The very nerve! And besides, Allah doesn’t communicate via Blackberry, Barack.

If he wants the respect of the Muslim world, Obama should grow his beard, make Michelle wear a burqa, and send Sasha and Malia to a madrassa. I mean only 24% of Americans think he’s a Muslim. This means he’s got 76% of Americans left to convince!

What else can he do to prove his Muslimhood? He could state that he thinks the Mosque at Ground Zero is the best idea since McDonald’s started serving Halal food. Perhaps he could even grab a shovel and dig into that soil at the mosque’s groundbreaking.

As an American citizen, I’m concerned about our President’s Muslim image. He’s just not doing enough to prove that he is a follower of Islam. I guess I should’ve known he was a wayward Muslim when he took his oath of office on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible. It should’ve been on the Qur’an like when Keith Ellison took his oath of office

Tell us the truth, President Obama. Are you really a Muslim or are you secretly a Christian?


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  • munja

    hes wishy washy milk toast!

  • Ichigo

    Braden you come across as a bigot ! If the man wants to eat pork what does that have to do with you ?

  • Religion really shouldn’t be involved in it anyway.


  • zingzing

    given the current downward trajectory of religious belief in this country, i’d say that if given enough time, we’ll do it. as long as non-voting libertarians and all other non-voting non-voters get off their asses and vote. religion really shouldn’t be involved in it anyway.

  • Clavos

    As I said, this country will never be open-minded enough to elect an atheist.

    For that matter, I doubt they’ll ever knowingly elect an agnostic.

  • zingzing

    “This country will never be open-minded enough to elect an atheist.”

    yeah, well, i bet there’s been plenty of atheist presidents. people will say they’re just about anything under the sun as long as it gets them elected. reagan never went to church (and seeing as how he had a goddamn country to run, i don’t think that’s such a bad thing), obama’s christian faith seems lukewarm at best, bush’s born again bs seems like it was as much an act as it was political gold, etc, etc.

  • Clavos

    I don’t care if he’s an atheist

    This country will never be open-minded enough to elect an atheist.

  • Ruvy,

    Do you have Firefox for a browser? Get, Adblock plus and you can manually block the ads…watch out with blocking though, because I blocked myself out of my e-mail and Twitter. I got back into my mail.

  • Well, Braden and McConnell are of the same cloth.

  • Braden, “I don’t care if he is a Muslim or not” are Weasel Words, since you know darn well he isn’t and from the evidence of this article find it hilariously stupid to believe he is.

    It’s akin to Mitch McConnell’s “I’ll take the President at his word” [that he’s a Christian] — instead of saying, this is a dumb rumor and we need to talk about real issues.

  • zingzing

    i’d suggest purging your history a little more often.

  • Ruvy

    You know, this is practically a porn site, these days?

    There are two separate ads (in Hebrew) for getting to “know” women. If I were single and a bit younger, I would be interested. But being happily married means I don’t have to worry about the meat market….

  • Braden,

    You are an excellent writer. I just disagree with your politics.

    I just had to give you a little dig. I am after all, still an Obama Mama! 🙂

  • But on a more pleasant note, thanks for the congratulations! I’m honored. I didn’t even know until you mentioned it on here.

  • Jeannie, I don’t care if he’s a Muslim or not. A lot of people do though, including the ignorant fringe I wrote this to make fun of. I thought you of all people would understand and appreciate that, but obviously you missed the point. This is satire. I’d much rather criticize Obama for his utter lack of merit than to seriously criticize him for his religion. I don’t care if he’s an atheist personally. He’s a bad president for a wealth of other reasons besides his religion. 🙂

  • He stole the presidency? No, that was, George w. Bush. Remember, Florida and those pesky chads?

  • Ruvy! I missed you and I was really starting to worry for you.

  • Ruvy


    It seems that when it comes to this slick lying thief who stole the presidency with lies over who and what he is, there is a lot that is none of the public’s business.

    Glad you like him. Do remember, I supported him for president, knowing the evil that lurked within him. He does G-d’s work, Jeannie. Even G-d needs bad guys to knock over every now and again….

    Ain’t his ears cute – the way they smoke when he has a cigarette in his mouth?

  • So what if Obama is a Muslim. Frankly, Braden it’s none of your business what religion he practices or not.

    🙂 Congradulations, BC’s writer of the day!

  • James

    I know for a FACT Obama is not a Muslim… no Muslim would have allowed that much pork in the stimulus bill.

  • Amusing piece

  • James

    He may be a Muslim… but I could care less… if he is one, he is a terrible Muslim… I am more concerned with the direction he is taking the country/economy. He can be a Hindu Buddhist Satanic Head Hunter for all I care, if he were a great president, I would lift him up… and may even hunt a head or two with him.

  • Nice bit of sustained irony, Braden.

    It’s good to know you think there are other issues more important than speculating [or lying] about the president’s religion.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Braden – you’d better watch out, because you know very well that the wages of a conservative speaking out against the gospel of the Far Right is political death!