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Obama and Doublethink

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Happy May Day weekend everyone! Just a salutation to get you used to the observance of a communism-based holiday, in light of the fact that the process to turn the U.S. into a totalitarian state is accelerating under our new comrade, Obama. With the military becoming more engaged in our domestic lives (natural disaster supervision), CEOs being fired directly by the president, government-arranged bankruptcies, whole companies nationalized under the guise of economic stability, gun confiscation on the horizon, and trillions of non-existent dollars stolen by Washington to bailout the economic dregs of our society, I would say the Obama Administration is setting up a situation where Americans will be so poor and indefensible that our only recourse will be to turn to Comrade Barack for sustenance. And I haven’t even included the administration’s planned socialized medicine scheme.

Of course, the mainstream media has gone gaga over Obama’s first 100 days. It is no surprise, since our media elites are employed by the same corporatists who stand to benefit the most from our neo-fascist economic arrangement. Yes, I said neo-fascist and I meant it. You see, a major component of fascism as exemplified in Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany, is a concept called state capitalism. Companies are still privately owned, but they work very closely with the central government to ensure the economic, social, and military goals of the country are met. For example, a lot of folks became very wealthy producing armaments for the above mentioned dictators during World War II. Did they have a choice to manufacture anything less violent? The answer is no because the state demanded it, but they were allowed to share in the benefits of their toil. Similarly, Washington has made a plethora of decisions – what kinds of cars Chrysler will make, how much money banks will have available to lend, who will be forced to purchase Merrill Lynch, and who heads General Motors? — all in the name of what is good for our economy (state). And of course, private shareholders will still share in any profits made. However, given the business acumen of governments in general and ours in particular, there probably won’t be many profits to be had.

Beyond forming close ties with business, another technique of totalitarian regimes is doublethink. Well defined in George Orwell’s famous novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, doublethink is the act of simultaneously accepting as correct two mutually exclusive beliefs. This week the president practiced doublethink. He claims his administration is going to cut taxes, lower health care costs, stabilize Social Security, and cut the deficit in half while at the same time cheering Congress’s approval of his $3.4 trillion budget.

First of all, yes, the president’s budget does cut some taxes. However, the treasury will have to borrow more to finance the cuts. This further expansion of the money supply will inflate prices, negating any benefits a taxpayer may realize from a tax cut. So, Mr. Obama, are you really lowering the tax burden on working Americans?

Then there is Obama’s health care proposal. He claims it will lower costs in that area. But, even the best estimates of the president’s proposal put new costs between $600 billion and $1 trillion over ten years. That means we will be spending approximately $80 billion per year over and above the $2.5 trillion we already spend annually. How can the president say he is going to lower health care costs when his plan will actually increase them?

For Obama to claim his plan will lower health care costs is humorous, but when he talks about stabilizing Social Security he is downright hysterical. How is he going to stabilize a system that has at least $50 trillion in unfunded obligations? Does the government have the money for adequately funding the retirement of baby boomers in another fund somewhere? Can Washington tax the workforce to raise the money? Demographically, is the ratio between the numbers of workers to retirees going to change for the better? Is there a lottery large enough for Uncle Sam to win to fund the program? The answer to all four questions is no, no, no, and no! The Social Security administration makes Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme look like small potatoes in comparison. Social Security is dead, and for Obama to claim he will stabilize the system is doublethink.

Lastly, the president has stated many times that he is going to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. There will be several factors in the way of his accomplishing this. For one thing, as unemployment continues to spike, tax revenues will drop, thereby increasing the deficit. Then there are the costs associated with Obama’s plan to “fix” health care and Social Security. As we all know, governments are notoriously famous for cost overruns, so we should assume that even the most liberal cost estimates of these plans are understated. Additionally, given our politicians’ propensity for spending, we can reasonably assume that spending will naturally rise over time. Lastly, who knows what natural disaster or new war will confront us and require future spending?

The president is saying one thing, but he is an intelligent man, so, he must be thinking another. How can he believe he has the ability to fix these problems given the treasury is broke, we are in depression, and Washington is filled with big spenders and grandstanders? Perhaps he is delusional and it is manifesting itself in bouts of doublethink? After all that is a characteristic of totalitarian leaders.

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  • Doug Hunter

    We are in the process of becoming wage slaves to the government. Cap and trade legislation will add to that. The government will artificially raise the price of energy, causing the population to become even more dependent on it (the government).

    I for the life of me can’t determine what fascination people have allowing the government to control every aspect of their lives; being dependent on bureaucrats and politicians who are some of the biggest pieces of shit I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Worldwide freedom is disentegrating and no one left gives a damn, they just want to know what government programs scrap might get thrown their way.

  • zingzing

    my god. you conservatives need to get a grip. this is utterly ridiculous. it’s a paranoid rant by someone who can’t stand the fact that his way of thinking is going to die with his generation.

  • Arch Conservaative

    The pendulum always swings back zing so enjoy your super happy funtime Obama messiah party while it lasts. It has an expiration date 3/20/2013.

    Kenn…..it seems as if Obama himself has bought into the media hype. He’s never been told no or held accountable for anything in his life…..(spend a few trillion in a hundred days…”yes we can”…….put a plethora of tax cheats in your cabinet…….”now that’s change we can believe in”……….yuk it up with baby buey chavez……si se puede…….ask vets to pay for their own healthcare……..thanks captian teleprompter

    Now he has 350 million people answer to. Some of those will defend him no matter how much damage he does. But the mainstream media can’t keep the charade going indefinitely. Sooner or later he will get knocked off that perch he smiles so smugly from and it cannot come soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

  • zingzing

    archie: “The pendulum always swings back zing so enjoy your super happy funtime Obama messiah party while it lasts. It has an expiration date 3/20/2013.”

    well, true, the pendulum does swing. but with the way you guys are going now, i don’t know if you can retain enough “faithful” to mount a serious comeback in 4 years.

    i’m somewhat disappointed by obama so far, but you have to remember he’s just another politician. he’s far preferable to what came before, but that was absolute shit, so… you know…

    my point, however, is that social conservatism is dying. fiscal conservatism (not that the conservatives are any good at that either) will, of course, survive, if in a different form than currently exhibited by the republican party. but ignorant bigots are constantly being schluffed* by the great vagina that is human nature.**

    the republican party has built itself up on the ignorant and the bigoted white masses, and, unfortunately, it can’t sustain itself in the face of increasing social liberalism.

    *does that term make any sense to anyone but me?
    **either way, i think you get it now.

  • Doug Hunter

    “the republican party has built itself up on the ignorant and the bigoted white masses”

    It’s also amazing how blinded your side is to it’s own hypocritical racist hate speech. The democratic party has built itself on generating racial hatred. The lying and propagandizing on race, the race baiting, and outright racism as demonstrated above is all in favor of your side. With 90%+ of the black vote and a growing percentage of hispanics it’s clear that fear works very well.

  • Arch Conservative

    Were you doing your Jeneanne Garofalo impersonation zing?

    “Anyone who isn’t a liberal is a brain damaged racist.”

    You’re a little disappointed in Obama zing?

    Then wait until his cap and trade program goes through and you’re paying 300 a month for electricity and $9 dollars for a gallon of heating oil because king barry thinks it’s important to reduce carbon emissions yet he sees nothing wrong with sending air force one and some f16s for a little pleasure trip around nyc, costing us a couple of mill, spewing all kinds of emissions and scaring the bejeebus out of the people in the big apple.

    He’s just another politician? Were you privy to that keen insight when you voted for him? You see I felt Mccain was just another politican and a senile, crotchety one at that so I didn’t vote for him.

    I voted for Chuck Baldwin, an honest and decent man who acres about this nation and it’s traditional values. But I digress, most of you self righteous dimwits that voted for Obama would still to prefer to lecture me on the greatness of Obama despite all the evidence to the contrary that a syphiliss ridden baboon could comprehend.

    The guy’s a fucking joke. A complete media creation who’s never been held accountable for anythingin his life. He’s a smug, smarmy elitsit piece of shit. If I was walking down the street and he was on the other side and was on fire I wouldn’t even cross the street to piss on him to put out the fire. But someday I’ll tell you all how I really feel about King Barry.

  • The more time passes the more libertarian I believe I’ve become, because I think ALL politicians do the same bait and switch. Remember W1? “Read my lips, no new taxes?” and then he flip flops? Politicians have now out-sleazed used car salesmen in my eyes. I don’t trust any career politicians as far as I can throw one.

  • Clavos

    Politicians have now out-sleazed used car salesmen in my eyes.

    Hell, they passed that milestone long ago. Now, they’re even lower than preachers.

  • “It is not surprising that the state, business leaders, mainstream union officials, and the media would want to hide the true history of May Day, portraying it as a holiday celebrated only in Moscow’s Red Square. In its attempt to erase the history and significance of May Day, the United States government declared May 1st to be “Law Day”, and gave us instead Labor Day – a holiday devoid of any historical significance other than its importance as a day to swill beer and sit in traffic jams.”

    May 1st, International Workers’ Day, commemorates the historic struggle of working people throughout the world, and is recognized in every country except the United States, Canada, and South Africa. This despite the fact that the holiday began in the 1880s in the United States, with the fight for an eight-hour work day.

    “In 1884, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions passed a resolution stating that eight hours would constitute a legal day’s work from and after May 1, 1886. The resolution called for a general strike to achieve the goal, since legislative methods had already failed. With workers being forced to work ten, twelve, and fourteen hours a day, rank-and-file support for the eight-hour movement grew rapidly, despite the indifference and hostility of many union leaders. By April 1886, 250,000 workers were involved in the May Day movement.”

  • Whoops! Forgot to put the link for the quotes. May Day, The Real Labor Day

    Okay, so who wants the 10-12-14 hour work week back, raise your hands!?

    It’s what Capitalists preferred..the free market agreed.

  • so sloppy of me…that would be 10-12-14 hour work day…10-12-14 hour work week sounds pretty good.

  • zingzing

    doug: “It’s also amazing how blinded your side is to it’s own hypocritical racist hate speech.”

    mhmm. i hate me some whitey! or something. seriously. we got the first minority president in. we lost the south in order to push civil rights through. you guys took advantage of that.

    “The democratic party has built itself on generating racial hatred. The lying and propagandizing on race, the race baiting, and outright racism as demonstrated above is all in favor of your side.”

    ever heard of the southern strategy? talk about “building” a party on racial hatred. for fuck’s sake.

    “With 90%+ of the black vote and a growing percentage of hispanics it’s clear that fear works very well.”

    so you think that black people and hispanics are stupid? or is it just republicans that don’t get it? it’s one or the other. so, are all minorities dumb, or are you?

  • Ruvy

    I don’t agree with all of Kenn’s points of view; the view from his perch from southern Africa can get a bit skewed sometimes. But in this case, he seems to have the “Blessed of Hussein” down almost to a “T”. You have an emerging dictatorship, and an emergent state socialism that makes the Soviets look like free market capitalists! My belated May Day salute to you in the Union of Soviet Socialist America!

    Sieg und Heil!

  • Kenn Jacobine

    Now Ruvy you mentioned that perch thing again and I think it got you into trouble with the Russo-Georgian war thing. In any event, I will take your meager article endorsement appreciably.

  • zingzing

    ruvy: “You have an emerging dictatorship, and an emergent state socialism that makes the Soviets look like free market capitalists!”

    you’re an idiot. our socialism makes the soviets look like capitalists? WHAT THE FUCK? that’s so dumb, i can’t even finish my sen.

    and look at our horrible dictatorship! oh god! oh no! oh shit! what? do you know what that word means? because it’s not this.

    ruvy, you need to go fucking get a grip on reality. you have no idea what you talk about, and if anyone’s view is “skewed,” by religion, by distance, by being a fucking old, crotchety man, it’s your’s.

    you need a good kick in the balls or something.

  • Ruvy

    zing, I know it’s rough; that buzz alcohol gives provides a unique view on the world us sober types just never get. But if you read Dave’s article about outlawing thought crime, and Clavos’ article about how the government has taken over the auto industry (along with the banks), you see the picture coming together.

    Or, zing, you can just say, “fuck that!” and hoist that vodka bottle and take another swig. Your call, dude.


  • Ruvy

    Oh, by the way, zing, how much does a 500 tablet bottle of 500 mg Tylenol run these days in Brooklyn? I need to get a large bottle (reading too many of your comments gives me a headache), and I want to know roughly how much I should give my friends who are going to the States soon. Is Israel, you can get an equivalent drug, but not in more than 50 tablet bottles.

  • zingzing

    i don’t know how much your drugs cost. and i don’t drink vodka (whiskey, holmes). i certainly wasn’t drinking at 11:15 in the morning. so fuck you.

    dave’s article is just a bunch of phooey, paranoia wrapped up in political right-left nonsense. if his party had thought it up, he’d have defended it. that’s just the way it is. basically, he’s missing the distinction that a THOUGHT BEHIND A CRIME is not considered outside of the reference of that crime. the thought is not punishable. never was/is/will be.

    clavos’ article, i haven’t read. so, no, i don’t get the picture, but i do know what picture you are seeing. and it’s just as crazy as the rest of you.

  • Ruvy

    And the Tylenol, zing? What about the Tylenol?

  • Ruvy

    By the way, zing, you may know a little Shakespeare – but from what I’ve seen of your many comments here and elsewhere, your grasp of how legal reasoning works is spotty at best. the distinction that a THOUGHT BEHIND A CRIME is not considered outside of the reference of that crime. is something that a court judge (at the urging of a state procurator prosecutor) can reason away. That’s one of the things you learn early in first year law school.

    The legislature writes the law – the judges INTERPRET the law. Intelligent legislators look down the road to the degree that they can to see how a law might be interpreted, zing. The folks in Williamsburgh should thank G-d you are not in congress or the NY state assembly.

  • Ruvy,

    “basically, he’s missing the distinction that a THOUGHT BEHIND A CRIME is not considered outside of the reference of that crime.”

    Basically, I think zing is right insofar as this statement goes, Ruvy. Notice the wording: “outside of the reference,” to mean it is to be considered BUT ONLY in conjunction with the crime. So if I’m missing something about your retort in #20, tell me what it is.


  • Ruvy

    Roger, I just saw this now. The point is that a judge can twist a law on the books inside out. That is what zing is missing. The power of a judge to gut a law by interpreting it in a fashion that it was not intended is only countered by the appellate courts attempting to correct these interpretations. That is what I was talking about.

    For years, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 was gutted by the courts – the 14th amendment was interpreted to mean virtually opposite of what it means today (allowing for the poll tax and other discriminatory actions throughout Kentucky, among other places…..

  • OK, Ruvy – but these are practical matters and we have little control over that. And I’m certain that zing is just as aware as anyone that all are susceptible to corruption.

    I’d think we were discussing the best case scenario.

  • PS: as to what happened concretely in this case or that, here examples are handy; and you provide one in #22.

    So perhaps this is one good way to discuss the issues – on a case by case basis (but it does not affect the proper relationships between legal concepts).

  • veryconcerned

    I voted for OBAMA too. I really feel like a total idiot now because this is NOT the OBAMA I voted for or was i simply blinded by the fact that he seemed more youthful, articulate, intelligent, and for the people. It seems to me all he is doing is costing us more money.Bailing out losers who throw parties and WASTE taxpayers money. Now with a terrible economy some of us have to purchase used cars and with his new BS seems like used cars could be ELIMINATED forcing everyone to either buy new 100% of the time some small deathtrap European type car that wealthy WILL not drive at all. Most of us AMericans feel more save in bigger cars and we all know that these little engines wear out quickly. I accept Hybrids but it seems like hybrids arent even good enough for this man.

    I have had to live in Germany for a few months and trust me. WE do not want social capitalism like Germany. they have too many rules. For any bs job like working at KAUFLAND as a cashier they want to see degrees, certificates, job stability, where in America we see most of those jobs as EXTRA money for holidays or to pay off a bill etc. Most teens work those jobs. I do not want to be in a country where we have to fight to work for part time jobs. They don´t use credit cards here they transfer stuff via bank accts. you get paid via bank account. It´s ok but sometimes we want to put stuff on credit card and not have everyone in our bank info or we WANT to pay it in cash by western union.

    Do you realize that here in Germany you cannot even go to WESTERN union and make a payment to your Visa Bill like you can in America. I called Western Union because I didnt get to make my credit card payment before I left California. I figured Oh they have Western union there I can pay it when I get to Munich. the clerk looked at me as If I was trying to do something illegal. She said, “It´s not allowed.” So i had to turn in my usd and get euros because there was no way i could pay a credit card bill here. You cant even find international money orders very easily. In America every corner you can buy a money order.

    Germany totally sucks and it seems like Barack wants to turn America into Germany. They even DICTATE which trash bags you can use. You have to separate food bannana peels from Paper. Then plastic bottles like cola or juice can be turned in at store for refund. BECAUSE if not you put them in a plastic wait i dont even know if that is allowed. You pretty much MUST take them to the store for recycling

    The other day the wife of the house MIESTER who is very rude walked past me and my husband and didnt say a word. I previously bought some BLUE trashbags at the local KAUFLAND store which is a tiny grocery store closes at 8pm closed on SUNDAy.

    she ignored us. noticed that I was carrying a BLUE trashbag. Later that evening we had been gone ALL day like 8 hours. When we arrived at our apt. The housemeister frau had put the same garbage that I dropped off in front of our door with a note stating NO BLUE BAGS only YELLOW bags and that we didnt separate the trash properly.

    Turns out these yellow bags are VERY VERY thin and total CRAP you get them at the Town HALL of which everyone must be REGISTERED in the town they live in. NO acceptions. IF you move you must notify the town hall within like 30 days your new address, etc. You must let them know if you are CATHOLIC because the Catholic church takes a portion of your salary. Some religions are basically not allowed in germany. If you are a member of such religions you could be WATCHED!

    Do you really want to be socialist capitalist. I cannot believe I voted for Baracak he is in my opionion based on what I see a Socialist.

    I think every american should live in GERMANY or Any other Socialist European country for at least 6 months. You will appreciate AMerican Culture and our ways. We must hold on to that.

    I am switching to Republican. I apologize for not voting for JMAC. I didnt think he was young enough but I know he is for capitalism.

    Socialism or Social Capitalism is like being dictated. Here in Germany people have no real rights. They are scared to speak up for themselves it seems.

    There are just a few companies who provide internet service and you have to pay via bank acct. You cannot cancell. In America we cancell stuff all the time. In Germany they will take you to court or hound you to death. Germany protects these companies and allows them to HARASS the people. Where as in America we would pay Internet service by credit card if we dont like it we CANCELL end of story. We send the product back we cancell. In Germany if you send the product back because it is not working the company sends it back to you and demands full payment by BANK TRANSFER. Which also means unless you close the acct they will charge you anyway. you need a lawyer to get them off your back.

    I really am sad to see all this crap that is going on right now we are going to be poor under Baracks new BS. He is spending too much money and costing US a fortune.

    I am very concerned.