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O Unbiased News, Where Art Thou?

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I try to read the paper every day. Yeah, I only read one, but the crap they put in it is all I can take for one day. I read some web news, like Drudge and Yahoo News. I watch TV; that’s where I get most of my news. I read a few different blogs – holy mackerel, there are some wing nuts out there in cyberspace! How do you pick and choose? How do you know what’s spin and what’s unwashed truth?

The problem as I’m seeing it right now though is where I should get my news. People I regularly converse with tell me all kinds of things about the news. “Fox is too conservative.” “CNN is too liberal.” “Bloggers don’t have a clue.” So where do you go to get just plain news? No spin, no bullshit; just plain news?

I try to watch the Sunday morning news shows on the networks; ABC has This Week, whose host, George Stephanopoulos, is the former press secretary for Clinton. If George can’t spin a story then a story can’t be spun! Think about all the crap he had to spin when he worked in the White House!

NBC has Meet the Press, whose host, Tim Russert, has worked for a couple of democrats in the past. Mr. Russert worked as a counselor for Mario Cuomo when he was governor of New York and for Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan as Chief of Staff.

NBC has another Sunday morning news show, but I have a hard time listening to Chris Matthews. He seems liking he’s yelling at the world most of the time. I live with three women — I don’t need anyone else yelling at me, so no Hardball for me! I think he might have a little bit of a saliva problem, too.

Besides, Matthews worked for Carter. I was in the military when Carter was president. Did you know that when Carter was president, China called the United States a paper tiger? I’d rather watch Saturday Night Live impersonate him anyway — a lot more fun.

CBS’ Face the Nation seems to have a pretty decent guy as host — Bob Schieffer, who has no former political affiliation. The only problem is that I think CBS is just a very dishonest news organization. I have a real problem getting that whole “just because the documents are fake doesn’t mean the story is fake” bullshit of Dan Rather a couple of years ago. I don’t even turn on 60 Minutes anymore until Andy Rooney comes on because he’s all that’s worth watching!

I will say that Schieffer did a fine job hosting the presidential debates I watched a few years back. At least I thought he did; but I’m probably wrong about that, too.

The other Sunday morning show I watch and actually like is Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. You would think, being the son of a prominent CBS news personality, that Chris would lean a little more to the left, but it doesn’t seem that way to me.  One of the regulars on the Fox Sunday morning show is Brit Hume.  The first time I saw this guy on Fox news, he was yelling at some politician to answer the damn question. I liked that!  I believe it was the first time I had ever heard a talking head tell a politician to do something like that.

The same people that tell me Fox is too conservative point to the fact that the White House just hired one of their talking heads to be the President’s press secretary. I guess it’s okay to go from press secretary to talking head, but not the other way around.

If I tell people I enjoy Fox news more than any of the other news programs on the boob tube then I must be some kind of crazy conservative. And then you have the folks that appear to honestly believe nothing Fox reports can possibly be the truth. They call it “Faux News.” They’re so fucking clever, aren’t they?

Like the little rich kid on CNN is any less partisan in his reporting? Come on now, you know who the little rich kid is don’t you? Gloria Vanderbilt’s baby boy? Railroad money? Don’t you people watch Oprah? I just think people that come from money have a different perspective on life than those of us who don’t come from money.

If you’ve never had to worry about whether or not the government cheese and WIC milk was gonna get to you in time, then you have a different perspective on life than I do. And if you didn’t have to do it while on active duty then you still won’t get where I’m coming from. If you never had to get underway with a wife and newborn still at home with no money and barely enough to eat – well, that’s beside the point.

I used to watch O’Reilly, but he’s become too “holier than thou” for me. There was a time when he seemed to be a pretty decent guy. When I lived in Arizona, I attended a live taping of his show and got to meet and talk to him before the taping. At the time he had been spewing about an SUV tax. I asked him how big his house was and when he told me, I suggested that maybe he should be paying an oversized house tax.

He actually bought up our conversation at the end of the show. It told me one thing about the guy. He wasn’t just down there signing autographs; he was actually listening to me. That was pretty cool. I just think that now he believes all the BS they say about him.

Do I actually have to work to get my news? Figure this shit out for myself? Watch all the news channels and try to figure out which talking head is telling the white lie and which one is telling the whopper? Because I know they’re all lying to me — they must be. They all have different stories!

So tell me, where do I get honest, unbiased, straight up news? Is there such a place? Can I get there from here?

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  • Perhaps it’s in your perception?

    Study after study of journalism, mass media, and its audiences has practically made this a law among communication scholars:

    A person of strong political opinion, regardless of the orientation of that opinion, will, when acting as an audience for major news media, perceive that news media as biased in the opposite direction of the person’s political views.

    Which means that no matter what your opinions are, you’ll think the media’s biased against you. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t seem biased, you have to have no political opinion whatsoever.

  • oh c’mon Andy…

    you know you get it from here…


    me? i go fer a mix, Lou Dobbs then Hardball if nothing else is on at 8 , some Keith Olberman, a healthy mix of Google news links and right here at BC

    but the real Answer is…yes Andy, you have to figure this shit out for yourself…the Media are in it to make money, so there Interest in getting the whole unbiased Story out there is colored by financial concerns at the least…and in some cases, partisan axrd to grind at worst

    use that grey matter and make up yer own Mind

    but you knew that i would say that


  • thanks gonzo…as always…you really are worse than those nuns ya know!

  • why Andy..that’s the finest Compliment i’ve had since a troll remark a few months ago…

    i’m Honored


  • hey, I’m just glad you don’t have a ruler handy!

  • Ruler?

    You boys gonna be measuring something?

  • JR

    Lou Dobbs is blatantly biased on a few issues that he’s obsessed with. However, for the most part he avoids those stupid Hollywood-celebrity-on-trial-for-removing-the-
    feeding-tube-of-a-trapped-coal-miner stories. You get news on issues that might actually impact your life and some slightly-more-informed-than-average analysis. Dobbs would have leaned toward conservative back before the term was hijacked by religious nuts and lobby capitalists.

    The other option is PBS’s News Hour, but I find it about as enticing as a protein bar. Pity I didn’t grow up before TV could rot my brain. Sigh.

    But that’s the thing about totally unbiased news: it’s boring. The bias gives you a point of reference from which to follow a narrative. Without that it seems like a pointless recitation of meaningless facts.

  • JustOneMan

    Think about it….nobody was watching Lou Dobbs until he took a stand became a vocal anti-illegal immigration spoke person…unlike many of the CNN & MSNBC types who pretent they are being nonbiased in their biased reporting..he is no longer hiding behind a “story”

    This is the reason that FOX has grown and Dan Blather has become a living fossil….

  • It sounds like I’m stuck yelling at the TV. Either yelling in agreement or yelling in dissent, but still yelling.

    The kinds of stuf I’m talking about are things like this latest issue with the NYT. Depending on what news program you watch this was either really really bad or no big deal…I haven’t seen one news show that put it somewhere in the middle.

  • Clavos

    …I haven’t seen one news show that put it somewhere in the middle.

    Probably ’cause “in the middle” doesn’t sell a hell of a lot of airtime (or papers).

  • as for something in the “middle”

    it seems SCOTUS gave the Administration a figurative bloody nose today when it ruled that the WH had overstepped it’s bounds concerning detainees in GITMO…

    from Bloomberg news… a clear cut case of checks and balances kicking in… Roberts recused himself cuz he had ruled on a lower court… so the only dissent was from Scalia and Thomas (suprise) with Thomas making an unprecedented move by reading from his dissent, basicly saying that the WH should have carte blanche in wartime…

    luckily the Majority did not agree, and stated that the proposed military tribunals violated both the Geneva Conventions(which were ruled applicable, that’s Important) as well as a violation of the UCMJ (uniformed code of military justice, the laws from which our military operates…also important precedent)

    so much for a bunch of Gonzalez’s legal Opinions on exactly these matters

    can’t wait to see how the rulings go on other of Gonzalez’s opinions…like torture, or extrodinairy renditions…

    time wounds all heels


  • I’m gonna try not to say this to loud…but I watched FNC last night…

    Wesley Clark was on O’Reilly…his idea for the GITMO detainees is for an international tribunal…let the rest of the world get involved with these terrorists…like he said…if he’s an enemy of the US…he’s an enemy of every other democracy in the world…

    As O’Reilly would say…what say you?

  • i say, if you watch O’Reilly, then i must question your rational ability and sanity

    if you take him for an entertainment source, and toss out his blatant factual errors, partisan bias, and outright fabrications…but just enjoy him for a belly laugh …then fine

    but you get about the same amount of hard news from Jon Stewart (which is to say, almost none) as you do from O’Reilly…so taking him even remotely seriously as any kind of “journalist” besides a muckraking partisan mudslinger is beyond the pale of Reason

    your mileage may vary


  • but then again…you like Olberman…who seems to spend more time slamming O’Reilly than reporting news…but he’s not biased?

    I watched to hear what Clark had to say…after that they were talking about Jolie and Pitt…like I give a fuck about them!

  • any so-called journalsit who spend an iota of airtime on jolie and pitt should no longer consider themselves to be in the realm of serious news, imo.

    gimme a break

  • that’s why I turned it off! I mean. come on…it was either that…or watch the Sox beat up on the Mets!

  • for the Record, Andy..Olberman is in the same entertainment category as the Daily Show

    some info, but not a serious news program


  • gonzo – I honestly didn’t know that! I thought he was supposed to be serious reporting…obviously, I’ve never watched or I’d know this…my apologies master…

  • Clavos


    Never EVER feed the ego of someone who calls himself Gonzo…talk about opening Pandora’s Box!! :>)

  • Clavos – gonzo and I go back a ways on BC..he actually is a pretty smart guy…in spite of his nom de plume!

    He has pointed me to the path many times…I don’t always follow…sometimes it’s kinda scary…but he has shown the way.

  • MCH

    Besides that, us squids gotta stick together…

  • You know, I woulda thought that too…but it don’t always seem to be the way…

  • MCH

    Best news programs I ever watched were Chevy Chase, Jane Curtain, Dan Ackroyd and Gilda Radner on SNL…

  • The first time I heard Dan Akroyd say “Jane, you ingonrant slut” was the first time I was in CA…I thought…I heard CA was a little different the Jersey! I’d never seen SNL before that…

  • MCH

    Hey Andy…did you get a chance to see that match between Kendrick and Nadal yesterday? Wow, almost one of the biggest upsets in Wimbledon history…

  • MCH

    “Hi, I’m Chevy Chase…and you’re not.”

  • I did watch the end of it…I had seen Nadal play on the clay…didn’t know he was supposed to be as shit hot on grass though!

    I’m getting a kick out of seeing the old man playing well! It looked like Agassi was gonna be gone early after his first round match! But he smoked yesterday!

  • MCH

    Yeah, the American did great, really kept him off-balance with the big serves and forehands…exposed a few of Nadal’s weaknesses, which I’m sure Agassi will also try to exploit…the old man doesn’t have that classic booming grass-court serve, but I bet he’ll be making the Spaniard work for his points…

  • “…Bill Gates, connected with the Illuminati (a secret/elite society), has a satanic lodge inside the huge, headquarters building. The Bilderberg Group is also called the ‘invisible world government’. Because of the character of the meetings it is clearly bribery on the behalf of the politicians who are taking part. Here they are suggested to betray their own countries by selling out their sovereign states to the EU by deceiving their own people … This is what many of our elected politicians secretly are doing behind our backs – it is High Treason.” — That’s why our novel is such a wise choice in these crazy times.

  • MCH

    Hey Andy, did you see the Fed/Rafa finals yesterday? Wow, what tennis!

  • I missed it…I spend most Sunday mornings the way I spent this Sunday morning…praying to the golf gods for a straight shot! They rearely answer…

  • Andy…tsk tsk…

    ya know why they called it golf, don’t ya?



    all the other 4 letter words were taken



  • gonzo – I think I made up some new ones this last weekend!

  • Andy – “rearely”?

    I see Jet is getting to you! 😉

  • CR – look you! You spelling police too?

    I’m kidding…was that supposed to be one of those freudien slips???

  • lol.

    Now if I was the SpellCop, I’d be giving you a ticket for “Freudien” right about now!

  • I never pay any of my other tickets…what makes you think I’d pay yours?

    EO! We need a spell checker on this site! Get busy!

  • Haven’t you heard? The extreme socialist republic of Europa will not tolerate ze non-payments of der fines. Oh no.

  • I am wondering why I never got anything while I was in Germany last year…could have sworn the cameras got me once or twice…but I guess I got lucky! Knock on wood!

    maybe they knew they already got me the day I showed up…126 Euros for 2 more cartons of cigs than I was allowed…

    The customs agent saying in a german accent as he was writing out the ticket…I teach you a lesson…

  • Mohjho

    I’m surprise nobody has mentioned news from other countries. All American news sources are biased to Americans. With all the resources we have that cost no money, news from around the world is a great place to find ideas that are not available in country.
    My favorite news source in country is the WSJ front page. Forget about their editorials, but business people need information that is accurate and timely to make business decisions. Read between the lines to gain insite.
    I see no reason to listen to professional actors reading canned opinions.

  • /mutters

    Andy likes to wear his Freudian slips around the house while he does dishes…he thinks they go well with a nice pair of clear heeled “fuck-me” pumps…

    /end mutter


  • they were clear heeled…until I added the gold fish!

  • might have helped if I had added water too…

  • Clavos


  • well..that explains the smell…


  • and all this time…I thought it was my feet!

  • There is nothing like unbiased news. However, it is possible to have a news program that is neutral in the sense that it does not insert its prejudices in the news. This means a democratic setup for news coverage where different parties are given a fair chance to develop reports. There is a humble attempt started by me. It would be good to have more such community initiatives.

  • The Truth

    “A person of strong political opinion, regardless of the orientation of that opinion, will, when acting as an audience for major news media, perceive that news media as biased in the opposite direction of the person’s political views.”

    Seriously has to be the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever heard. The above statement implies that all news is unbiased and that it is IN ALL CASES the person watching who is biased – which we know for a fact can never be true!

    News is biased. If you have facts from a reliable source, you have a foundation for truth. If you make stuff up or give only half-truths, and have an agenda (as most channels do) then you are biased.

    All the media needs to do, to be unbiased is to simply print sources!(something they rarely do) and relay facts (also something they rarely do).

    So the moral of the story is don’t believe a world of what you read or view on the news. ALWAYS fact check from alternative reliable sources!

  • jharden

    I read some validity in just about every response, and sadly there seems to be a general consensus that you have to figure it out for yourself. Therein lies the problem: far too many don’t figure it out for themselves. I think it’s a sad state of affairs when we can’t trust what we’re being told, but you have to have a curious mind to find out about that particular aspect of media coverage. I too would like to find an unbiased media source that reports the news as it has happened without so much bias entwined in the report. Far too many media sources are now blatantly creating news with their intentional staging, obvious opinions, and what if scenarios: those information sources I steer clear. So in a nut shell if anyone can recommend an unbiased news source please post it, otherwise I’ll have to wait for a higher intelligence source that doesn’t have a specific interest in planet earth: there’s nothing to gain so might as well tell it like it happened.

  • don’t look here

    drivel, with few exceptions.

  • We’ve started a new website – Herald de Paris – worldwide news featuring honest news and without corporate or political bias.

  • Brunelleschi

    Both big news networks in the US need to start over.

    CNN is fluffy and dull. Lou Dobbs is a broken record.

    Faux is not taken seriously anywhere but in the homes of believers who have trivial minds that need to be instructed on what to think. It might as well be a church channel. It least they try and make news more entertaining, as long as you are entertained by their absurd amount of bias.

  • Sal

    Hi Andy,

    Actually, if you want “news” at all, and not commentary, you’ve got to leave the US. When my husband was stationed in Afghanistan in early ’06, I had to go to the Canadian newspapers online to get ANY information about that area. Sad.

    I’m with you on WIC and such too – I’ve got the T-shirt.

    And for my money? Turn off the TV. Some AH making millions (and looking pretty old and haggard) screaming at me is not my idea of an enjoyable evening. I want to know what’s going on, not what some overpaid blowhard thinks. What’s that they say about opinions?