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Nymphs are weighted insect imitations used by fly fishermen to induce fish to eat. They're also a fantasy woman every fisherman hopes to meet around the next bend, clad in revealing clothing, immune to the drone of mosquitoes, and looking for a real outdoorsman versus the metrosexual bar trash she's accustomed to encounter.

Aquatic insects spend years wandering around the streambed before exploding into a terrestrial insect. Fly fishermen tie imitations out of animal fur and feathers – weighted with lead wire or brass beads, and drift these into the fish's likely holding water.

Nymph fishing is a means of prospecting for fish that are largely invisible, relying on the fly to get down to their level encouraging them to eat.

What fishermen fail to consider is that should they actually meet their fantasy, while she sunbathes fetchingly – they'll make a poor first impression, what with fish guts and perspiration pre-announcing their presence.

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