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“Number of the Beast” Stalks Passion

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If the lightning strikes on the film set weren’t Sign enough from the Almighty, then surely this is:

    The number 666, which many Christians recognize as the “mark of the beast,” is appearing on movie tickets for Gibson’s film at a Georgia theater, drawing complaints from some moviegoers.

    The machine that prints tickets assigned the number 666 as a prefix on all the tickets for the film, said Gary Smith, owner of the Movies at Berry Square in northwest Georgia. The 666 begins a series of numbers that are listed below the name of the movie, the date, time and price.

    “It’s from our computer and it’s absolutely a coincidence,” Smith said. “It has nothing to do with the film company or any vendor. It’s completely in our computer.”

    In the Bible, the book of Revelation says 666 is the “number of the beast,” usually interpreted as Satan or the Antichrist.

    Several patrons have made comments about the numbers, and one person who was uncomfortable having 666 on her ticket asked for a pass to be substituted for a ticket. [AP]

“Coincidence” – sure.

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  • BB

    Well that proves it Eric. I guess you were right all along :-)

  • Jose Cadena

    The number and the name of the beast