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Nugent takes reality TV to a whole twisted new level

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I watched VH1.com ‘s Surviving Nugent last night. Holy Crap! This is Survivor on crack and on a carnivore kick. Yeah, it’s entertaining to watch contestands bitch and whine about hunger, homesickness, immunity challenges, and each other – but nothing really compares to the mind games Nugent and his family inflicts on the 9 20/30-someting-year-olds who swagger on to Nugent property.

“French Whore!” – Ted Nugent

it’s his rules or the highway – he immediately eliminated one guy for smelling funny – like a french whore – 24 hours later, another broken arrow was handed over to a sweet little blonde, who was trying to avoid pissing people off. In the end, she ended up being a disappointment to Nugent.

Of course, like any reality show – the vegans get the worse part of the editing.

Sarah – Contestant
Age: 27
Occupation: Campaigns Coordinator, Last Chance for Animals

Sure, she has balls – possibly more so than the alleged male contestants – but she reeks of self righteous-ness and she’s easy to hate….or at least, to get annoyed with. She has this way of pushing her ideas/philsophy/way-of-life onto every contestant – even Nugent.

“Throwing an egg at me is like burning a cross my on my front yard.” – Sarah

This was after Nugent’s son got fed up with their whining and started egging them, as the slept in their sleeping bags – out in the barn…..with the other animals. After that remark – it was downhill for Sarah – at least for the popularity contest. Throwing eggs is so NOT like burning crosses….I understand that yeah – eggs could have had life in them…at least before being tossed into a carton – however, the whole burning crosses bit – yeah that either preceeded or followed lynching/terroism/bad blood for the actual targets of the burning crosses…..

Besides, if she so despises the carnviore nature of the Nugent homestead – she could leave and give up her chances at the $25,000 – and the jeep. But no – she’s just as greedy as the meat eaters, regardless of the injustices commited against her and her fellow eggs.

Nugent – what can I say? He puts everyone through the ringer – including a smashing game of paintball….um….with one gun. He’s hold it and aiming it at his “vermin” – the contestands got a 1,2 – 30 second lead to run away from Nugent, galloping after them on his horse. A few got extra shots in the chest, for good measure.

“It really stung.” – Joe – (Contestant – Age: 24, Occupation: Student , Marital Status: Single).

Yeah, it would sting….it’s a paintball.

“I thought it was going to be party all night, who drinks the most, something like that” – Jack – Contestant

yeah. the most satisfying part of this show is how it was not a party. Even on Survivor – folks had some down time to swim, read, talk, even play cards (Survivor 1: a castaway brought his pack of cards as a “luxury” item)

On Nugent’s homestead: It’s hard work (the contestants had to finish the chores on the farm – including skinning a Russian boar) – it’s dirty (had to make their own outhouse), and it’s humilating (um…where do I begin…). It’s all about games….but Nugent is really the only one laughing.

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  • Hmm, maybe I should set the TiVo for this one, it sounds off the hook lol