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Nude News: WI Librarians Flash for Fund-Raiser Calendar

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When one thinks of library fund-raisers, one visualizes stacks of dog-eared paperbacks, three for a dollar. If creatively-inclined, perhaps one dreams of bake sales or car washes in the library parking lot.

How about a calendar featuring carefully-posed nude librarians?

According to Tom Kertscher of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal online (JSOnlinecom), six library administrators from the Waupaca, Wisconsin-area library system have done just that. “Desperate Librarians” poses each of the ladies in two different months, with strategically-placed books to hide what their lack of clothing does not.

September Librarian, Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

September, courtesy JSOnline.com

The calendar didn’t start as a fund-raising effort for the Outagamie Waupaca Library System. Instead, it began with a dozen librarians deciding to do a simple photo calendar as a gift for a departing collegue. The ladies found that producing a calendar would cost much more than would be worthwhile for a gift.

That’s when they decided to convert it to a fund-raising project. Six of the librarians opted out of the calendar at that point, but the remaining six ladies decided to go ahead. Taking a cue from the 2003 movie Calendar Girls, in which the members of a stuffy British women’s club pose semi-nude for a charity calendar, they agreed to pose suggestively for “Desperate Librarians.”

“There’s probably three photos taken of me, that I like, in my entire life, and two of them are in this calendar,” said Ellen Connor, Manawa’s library director. The women appear to be naked in many of the photos, but all were at least partly clothed during the shoot. Books and other accessories are strategically placed in their photos.

To purchase the calendar, send a check to:
Desperate Librarians
E6282 Slough Road
Weyauwega, WI 54983.

Cost is $20, plus $2.50 shipping for one calendar; for each additional calendar, add $1 shipping. Proceeds benefit the public libraries in Weyauwega, Clintonville, Waupaca, Marion, Seymour and Manawa.

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