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Nude News: Naked Men Enter Shops in SC, UT

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According to the Florence (SC) Morning Times, police responding to a security alarm found an unclothed man hiding in the ceiling-tile framework at a Darlington, SC, Check ‘n Go shop on Thursday. The naked man had apparently removed his clothing to allow him to slip into the building through an air vent.

Officers responded to the Check ’n Go… and found interior roof tiles, insulation, wires and metal braces hanging from the roof as well as lying on the floor… Shortly afterward, the reporting officer noticed a foot hanging from the roof.

The officer reported that he noticed the man moving along the interior ceiling tiles before jumping to the floor of the business. The man was naked and bleeding from his feet and had cuts and scrapes all over his body, as well…

The alleged burglar picked the wrong town and the wrong shop to commit his crime. With the Darlington Fire Department ladder truck inoperable, officers were unable to reach the roof to retrieve the suspect’s clothing. I’m sure they have a nice orange jumpsuit to replace them.

Worse than that, the check-cashing business he slithered into keeps no money on the premises after hours.

In Clearfield, Utah, according to All Headline News yesterday, A 51-year-old man has been arrested for shopping at a convenience store in the altogether. All Headline News Staff Writer Denise Royal tells us that local police have charged the man with in justice court with misdemeanor lewdness, but it seems his problems are only beginning.

Police say in August he also made a trip through a restaurant drive-thru wearing nothing… The Davis County District Attorney’s office is investigating allegations of witness tampering, which could result in third-degree felony charges.

Police say that over the past week, the man has telephoned the same convenience store, asking for permission to enter the business naked. Investigators say he was attempting to talk clerks out of testifying against him.

Clerks called police, who kept watch outside the store. They witnessed the man approach the business, strip down and walk inside. Officers arrested the man and booked him into jail for allegedly driving under the influence, lewdness and telephone harassment.

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