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NuCharge Battery Pack Case iPhone 5 Review: Add Hours Extra Power

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It seems like we all want faster iDevices and games which look like console games for our iDevices to play. Unfortunately, this type of gaming requires more memory and faster processors for the games to run fluid and smooth. The end result from all this is battery depletion or larger batteries. Currently, Apple has chosen to keep the weight at a minimal on the iPhone 5 and this is causing many power users to run low on battery power throughout the course of the day.

I consider myself an above average iOS device user and I have low battery issues. I have tried to fix it where I can keep my iOS devices on charge at all times or at least 75% of the day. However, this isn’t feasible for many iusers who work outdoors or on the road. The only other option is to carry a battery pack charger or battery case.

NuCharge has developed a new iPhone 5 battery pack and case. It states it can add an additional 8 hrs web, 8 hrs talk, 10 hrs video, 40 hrs audio, and 225 hrs stand by time. This is a most welcomed addition of power for most users that rely on their iPhone 5 throughout the day for checking email, talk time, surfing net, and the occasional Angry Birds game. These are just average things iPhone 5 users do during the day with their iPhone.

NuCharge is currently available on Kickstarter where donators who pledge $59 will receive a complete unit the first week of April 2013. These will retail for $79 once they go on sale. So donate today and get a $20 discount.

Should you use your iPhone 5 for more work related task battery depletion will most likely be an issue before 5 pm. The best remedy for this is the use of the NuCharge Battery case. It attaches to the back of the iPhone 5 and can be used to charge the iPhone anytime with the provided USB connector cable. The USB cable conveniently stores inside the battery pack when not needed for use. The battery pack doesn’t add much additional weight to the iPhone 5. It also includes an unbreakable kickstand on the battery pack case which makes watching video or using Face-time hands free as well as many other activities. The NuCharge Battery pack case allows full access to all ports and lightning connector at all times. This has been one of the greatest obstacles for battery pack cases such as Mophie Juice Pack and others.

However, if you prefer to only use the battery pack while charging the iPhone 5 and not carry it around during the day, it can very easily be carried in a backpack or purse. NuCharge has included an additional brushed leather case which attaches to the back side of the iPhone 5 for protection called the Smart Case. The Smart Case comes available in several different colors such as brushed aluminum, red, blue, black, and white.

Make your pledge today on Kickstarter to be the first in line to receive the NuCharge Battery Case for the iPhone 5. Pledge only $59 to receive the full ikit. Visit www.ikit.com to purchase once they go on sale the first week of April 2013 for full retail at $79. Feel free to leave a question or comment.

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  • Nisha m

    My powerpack doesn’t seem to be working after showing 100% charge. Is there any thing one can do?

  • email the company

  • Dr Joseph S Maresca

    Sounds like a unit with great features!

  • Rachel

    Nice case, but I prefer the Pong Research iPhone case. I read that the cell phones emit a dangerous non-ionizing form of electromagnetic radiation; radiation which can be absorbed by the tissues and cells which come into close contact with the phone. That’s why I decided to do something that reduce cell phone radiation levels for protect to my family. In the end though, I found a couple of reviews of Pong Research’s cases, that convinced me to give it a try. This case is built with an antenna in between layers of the back cover, which reduces exposure to radiation while optimizing the mobile reception.