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NPR commentator fired for obscenity

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Sandra Tsing Loh (known for her “The Loh Down” stints on Marketplace) has been summarily dismissed from her job at KCRW. During one of her monologues, she was talking about her husband (who is currently touring with Bette Midler):

“My husband, my soul mate, my ROOMMATE of 15 years — he sleeps LATE, doesn’t LISTEN, moves my STUFF around. But he DOES play guitar for Bette Midler on her MASSIVE new STAGE show. There are times he STANDS within five FEET of her!,” the script read. “So I guess I have to fuck him.”

Although the quirky, uneven cadence of Loh’s delivery makes it appear that the segments materialize in her mind as she walks into the recording studio, they are carefully scripted, she told Reuters.

“We discussed it and (the engineer) said, ‘Say it and I’ll bleep it out,” Loh said.

The sound engineer was supposed to bleep the particular word out, but he didn’t (for whatever reason). And, for this, Ms. Loh was canned.

“It is the equivalent of the Janet Jackson (news) performance piece and there is not a radio or TV programmer today who does not understand the seriousness involved to the station,” Seymour [the general manager of KCRW] said, referring to the now infamous breast-baring halftime show for the Feb. 1 Super Bowl.

Is it just me, or does this strike anyone else as just a little bit of an overreaction?

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  • And to think, Jon Stewart got away with saying “the fuckers” a coupla weeks ago, and no one complained.

  • So the motherfucker sound engineer promised to bleep the fuck out of her cunty rant, and the asshole didn’t bleep her use of the word fuck, and it’s _her_ fault?

    What the fuck?

  • jim carruthers:

    i agree with you, however, you can not use the fucking word fuck in any way, shape or fucking form. i am afraid i will have to report you to john asscroft.

    jack e. jett

  • John Ashcroft is in the fucking hospital because he has a painful episode of pancretis which no doubt makes him go “oh, eff-word” now and then.

    And besides, I don’t live in your fucking country, so I can say what I want.

  • Roger

    AMERICA IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! If I could I would take a giant saw and cut fucking Canada off of North America and do the same to Mexico
    then sink the motherfucker into the ocean. Damnit! Give me a hell yeah!

    P.S. I’d first get the whisky from Canada. That’s the only thing I like from there.

  • And if California should fall into the ocean, like the mystics and statistics say it will, I know this hotel will still still be standing and I’ll have to pay my bill.

    Or as a previous cartoon character had to say about Roger,
    “What a tool, Herc, what a tool.”

  • Down, Roger, off the couch. Canadians have manners. You’re just not used to it.

    Casper, thank you, good story. It’s a trend, I think, the in-your-face girl, that started a while ago, the same wave as GGW (Girls Gone Wild), now post-Janet.

    Girls are rigid conformists and will do whatever they are told, including stabbing their tongues with long needles, something no girl of any preceding generation would have considered doing under any circumstances. Girls Gone Robots will do anything the other robots are doing, anything, anything. Call 1-800 I am 18. Sweet Jesus, what happened to our culture, our mores?

    These girls then carry this sameness with a ‘tude into their professional lives, daring each other to be more cocky and sexually aggressive than the next, deballing men wherever they’re found. Men have meanwhile become invisible completely, there to service and to watch the most fascinating of all creatures, girls who are 18 looking at girls around men looking at them. And the moment they lose their looks can be clocked by the moment somebody calls them a bitch, and that’s it. Party time is over. Time somebody learned who’s boss around here. That’s the way it goes, ladies and gentlemen.

    Women have always possessed the greater talent for linguistic whippings. We can therefore look forward to more of the same, and watch it mature as the art form it has always been.

    The only reason women were treated as inferior was because men were larger, smarter, better providers and good with clubs. Well, that’s over with.

    Clearly, now that women are stronger, men are not only inferior but always have been. Once their giddiness wears off, watch out. Shirts off. Swack, swak. Back off, bubba. We are women, meet our thighs.

    It’s a great time to be a girl. Not that I’d know, since I’m an old man. I can only imagine, or change my screen name.

  • Roger

    You need some fucking counseling or some cyanide in your VIAGRA. Dip Shit!
    Oh yeah! CANADA Still Sucks and Mexicans
    are like fucking fire ants moving to the THE GREAT USA. Two Words…
    FUCK OFF!!!

  • Eric Olsen

    Back to the issue: it is a bit of an overreaction but not much. It was blatant, egregious and the timing couldn’t have been worse.

    Part of life in the real world is having some semblance of a clue as to which way the wind blows, timing counts. She was an idiot.

  • Melody


    How pitiably pathetic your — and NPR’s — words regarding the unconscionable firing of Sandra Tsing Loh appear to many of us. And not just pitiable, but ironic. If you use four asterisks to prompt us to fill in the blank while reading, have you not, then, engaged in the same potentially offensive speech as Ms. Loh? And, honestly, if none of us have any trouble calling the word to mind when we stumble onto those aterisks, is it not, then, clearly enough a part of commonplace American vernacular that we probably don’t need to be shielded from it?

    The firing — and NPR’s subsequent hypocrisy — sadden me greatly. Political correctness driven by the hardcore religious right run amuck.

    It’s made me toss my local affiliate’s latest fundraising solicitation letter in the circular file — and to begin my own one-listener crusade to get my friends to do the same.

    Shame on KCRW. Shame on NPR. Shame on you.

  • I agree with Eric. it was a dumb move, and she knew it was dumb when she did it.