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November 3, 2004

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There are many camps out there vying for success in November. I don’t know a single one of them who can guarantee victory. The “anyone but Bush” crowd is popular and is working hard, but they can’t guarantee victory. The Bush supporters are steadfast and ready to vote for their guy, but like their counterparts on the left, they cannot guarantee victory either.

You see, only I, and many of my growing numbers of compatriots can really guarantee victory.

That is because I am pulling for November 3, 2004. Which candidate, you ask? In the context of this conversation it doesn’t matter. Sure, I am going to vote on November 2, but what I am really pulling for is for this whole election to be over so I can stop thinking about conventions, politicians, celebrities pretending to be politicians, politicians pretending to be celebrities, extremists on both sides, Michael Moore, whether or not Mandy Moore is a republican or not, swift boats and the air national guard.

You see, there is no mileage in any of that stuff. It will have you pegged as an easily identifiable side in a “polarized” race. So, as a result, I am choosing to pull for November 3, 2004. I mean really. Who can argue with that? It is the only reasonable thing to hope for in this election. And it is the only cause running that can guarantee victory.

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