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Nothing Is Cohesive

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Title: Nothing Is Cohesive
Genre: Rock
Label: TMG Records
Transcendence Web site

The new Transcendence album Nothing Is Cohesive, their third release, is my own personal throwback to what is sacred, the music of the 60s and 70s. Ok, its 2005, I know, but you have to hear this band to understand the entire picture. They rock, no doubt about it, and they do it in such a way that you cannot resist them; you will like this band’s sound. Ed Hale is a superb vocalist, sounding very much like the enigmatic U2 front man Bono at times throughout the recording.

Transcendence said a mouthful when they titled their new CD Nothing Is Cohesive. In the world we live in, one never knows what is going to happen from one minute to the next. As we become more and more unpredictable as a human race, the world that surrounds us becomes less cohesive. Look at the CD cover; it is swirling masses of color traveling in different directions, which is not exactly an image that projects cohesiveness.

I found it interesting how they ended the album with the title track. It is an instrumental highlighted by some tasteful avant-garde keyboards. The entire album rolls right along with evocative lyrics (“Somebody Kill the DJ” & “Bored”) then ends in an unusual fashion with a track like that. Proving once again that Nothing Is Cohesive, just when you expect a certain outcome, it all changes, viola! There is the concept of the album. Transcendence is one of the unsung rock bands of our generation, grinding it out day after day, and releasing quality music consistently every time they get together to record.

I love this band; their name is perfect because they transcend time and the barriers we throw up for protection. Just listen to one song and you are theirs, well at least for 45-60 minutes you are. The Beatles are an obvious influence in their sound, and that is but one element found in their sound and approach. The production aspects are notable in this fine effort as well. This is a band with one foot in the past musically and the other is right in today. They are on top of their game in today’s ultra competitive independent music scene.
The “Revolution In Me” makes me want to hear this CD again and again.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

April 21, 2005

Rating: 9/10


Ed Hale: vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards
Fernando Perdomo: guitars, drums, vocals, sitar, keyboards, moog
Roger Houdaille: bass, vocals, guitar

Jon Rose: piano, keyboards, vocals
Bill Sommer/Ben Belin: drums
Karen Feldner: background vocals

01. Intro
02. Somebody Kill the DJ
03. I Wanna Know Ya
04. Intro
05. Tomorrow
06. Caetano
07. Come On
08. All This is Beginning To Feel Like An Ending
09. Revolution In Me
10. Cleopatra Ecstasy
11. Outro
12. Softening
13. Bored
14. If Your Baby Could
15. Nothing is Cohesive

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