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Notes From The Coast of Maine

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It was definitely a beautiful weekend downeast. The foliage was spectacular, the skies bright blue. Everything a person could ask for.

But there was also some weirdness going on:

  • Late Friday night, while at a convenience store counter waiting to buy a couple of sodas, a totally drunk woman (who in addition to being drunk was upset and crying) steps in front of me to ask for (actually, it was more of a demand) a pack of Marlboros…but it sounded like “erwannapacka…marlbrssss….now!)…this of course reminds me that I do not miss my days working for Cumberland Farms
  • In the middle of a huge crowd of people I saw an old man sitting on a curbside bench, head in his hands….a very dirty feather duster sitting next to him.
  • Across the street from my hotel’s parking lot there was a huge iguana soaking up the sun from a second story window.
  • On the way home we passed a general store whose sign read “Guns….Wedding Gowns…Cold Beer”. We didn’t stop (though probably should have).

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