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Note to Self: Shut Up

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Sitting table side with friends last night, we laughed out loud over stories of complaining people. Our friend was yelled at by an irate customer who wanted 3/4 of a pound of turkey at her deli. The issue was that the scale read .78 lbs. She accused our friend of inane stupidity. I thought she should have nibbled the last slice down until she got the pile to the correct weight.

My wife was threatened by a woman because her store was out-of-stock on an $8 bottle of lotion. Trust me lady, if you need lotion that badly, you have bigger problems with dryness than you know.

Why do we do these things? Because, simply it is just plumb easy to complain these days? That’s all we do. Life is full of bigger frustrations, I am sure, but it seems simpler to complain 15 times about deli meat then to make the big changes. We are a country of softies looking for the easier way out.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am certainly guilty also. I am not on a pulpit here… especially when the silly shirts that we design at bluestater.org are selling like hotcakes. Those are a joy to make… but easy. Am I changing the world? No. I am simply name calling…. really good name calling but that is it.

And maybe, just maybe I feel guilty about it. I have always felt that my life had a purpose. I am here to make my mark on the world… and hopefully it won’t be a skid mark. So what am I doing?

I’d like to think that my parents gave me this call to a higher cause… unfortunately I had a “discussion” with my father the other day that put this in doubt. He uses his Neighborhood Organization’s charter to complain about a boat in a driveway down the street or a garage door that is the wrong color. Yet, he did nothing to stop the Medicare Bill from going through last year… something that will have a far greater effect on him than the fishing craft blocking his view of the ugly garage door.

At first, I thought he was ridiculous. Especially when I pointed out that my neighborhood of 50 years has no such organization and it seems to work freely and finely. Then it occurred to me that I was no better than him.

I use these pages to mock others. I take a stab and complain. But aside from calling people and encouraging them to vote this year, what have I really done? What will I do?

Do I simply take it out on the stupid or do I enlightened them and make their lives better? Do I go door to door and talk about how religion is about caring? Do I run for office with a platform that meets my expectations of my child’s future?

Who knows. You need to excuse me right now. I am off to the deli.

*Brian said this crap today at brianlewandowski.com

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  • Scoota Rey

    Yeah, I hate people who complain about stupid stuff when there is more important stuff going on. Just recently, a fellow neighbor was upset because the leaves weren’t raked in front of our house. Meanwhile, drug dealers slung coke just around the corner.

    What kind of shit is that?

  • Reminds me of a time when I complained a dress I was picking up from a dry cleaner obviously had not really been cleaned because of visible stains. The clerk picked up a huge pair of scissors and said:
    “You be paying me now, or me kill you.” (She was an immigrant.) I ran out of that place, dressless, and never went near it again.


  • Typo: Ignore the ‘i.’

  • curt

    mac diva,
    see, that’s why we needed dick “dirty old bastard” cheney back in, to protect us from those terrorists…