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Note to America: Obama’s Not Perfect

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Parodies Lost is the name of my personal blog, a name chosen because the fine art of parody is impossible in the modern world. When Republicans start blaming the current economic crisis on a man who's been in the Oval Office for fewer than 60 days, when the country goes berserk over admittedly gnarly bonuses for AIG that represent a fraction of a percent of what it's costing to fix the economy, when half of Americans refuse to believe in evolution… what chance does a poor parodist have?

You couldn't make this shit up.

Even the Washington Post has joined the "Through the Looking Glass" AIG Outrage Brigade in a front page story yesterday, "Anger Over Firm Depletes Obama's Political Capital." Joined by cable news outlets from the left and right, pundits have turned a problem into a national disaster with Obama being the chief victim. His political base is crumbling. His ability to effect change is crushed. His good name besmirched. His birth certificate has been withdrawn. His only recourse resignation, however one chooses to define it.

Should he have? Would he have? Could he have?

Give it a rest. Consider the cards Ol' Jug Ears has been dealt. You try winning every hand with nothing higher than a seven. Only a fool expects to succeed all the time in a crisis. Having spent a career in crisis management advising a wide range of clients, if I've learned nothing else, I've learned that that success is measured more in minimizing the idiocy than acing every billiard ball that comes over the net.

The always brilliant Doris Kearns Goodwin, in her must-read examination of Franklin and Elanor Roosevelt's lives during World War II, No Ordinary Time, cites I.F. Stone, one of the great political commentators of any age, who writes of Roosevelt's performance in 1941.

The president has much with which to be pleased. The task of mobilizing a…democracy for war is like trying to drive a team of twenty mules, each stubbornly intent on having its own way. Only by continual compromise with the ornery critters is it possible to move forward at all. Examined closely, by the myopic eye of the perfectionist, Mr. Roosevelt's performance in every sphere has been faulty. Regarded in the perspective of his limited freedom of choice and the temper of the country,…the year's achievements have been extraordinary. [Emphasis added]

If that doesn't perfectly describe BHO's first 50 days in office, I'll eat my back copies of I.F. Stone's Weeklies… or whatever they were called.

Naive man of the world that I am, I never anticipated the parody-annihilating behavior of the Republicans who not only purchased tickets for the Titanic but set depth charges under the nearby glacier to create even larger icebergs.

I did expect that the Democrats would give Obama fits in his attempt to create bipartisanship, and they haven't disappointed.

One reason politicians are reacting with intensified idiocy is an unintended consequence of cable news, the internet, and blogging. Every action taken by any political figure can be instantly elevated into national debate on which hangs the fate of humanity. These well-intentioned but mostly untrained and unschooled voices feed on each other like a swarm of piranhas, turning the water a deep red which obliterates the issue about which they were hyperventilating the first place. (Hmmm. Mixed metaphor. Oh well, live with it.)

God created the world, such as it is, in six days. It took Moses forty years to lead the Jews out of the desert. Somewhere between the two is a reasonable amount of time for our president to fix the economy, establish a new regulatory system, create a workable health care system, reverse global climate change, reform senior entitlements, end two wars, crush the terrorists, reestablish America's reputation in the world, educate his daughters, go out to dinner with his wife, and play basketball.

Disagree. Criticize. Harangue, even. That's all good, expected even. But wish him to fail? That's tantamount to wishing the country to fail. Hysterical shrieks about the coming socialist-commie takeover of our country, our rights, and our daughters? Leave that to the satirists and get back to the work of fixing all the things we've managed to break in the last…oh…million years or so.

In Jameson Veritas

[Kindle2 Update: Some of you may have read about my quest for a free Kindle2 from Amazon, emboldened as I was after the fine people at Jameson sent me all those samples of their magnificent products. It is now 18 days since my first post and the hills are deadened with the sounds of silence. Does anyone have Mr. Bezos' email address? He may not even know about this, although I find that hard to believe.]

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About Mark Schannon

Retired crisis & risk manager/communications expert; extensive public relations experience in most areas over 30 years. Still available for extraordinary opportunities of mind-numbing complexity. Life-long liberal agnostic...or is that agnostic liberal.
  • Mark,

    The hysteria over AIG and every hiccup coming from the Obama administration is, as you note, being scrutinized with a jeweler’s loupe.

    The losers are so outraged at their loss, so hemmed in by the audacious ineptitude of their erstwhile leader, that they can’t contain themselves. Many truly do want Obama to fail, and fail miserably. They passionately want their belief that Obama is a dud, an empty suit giving flowery speeches to be realized.

    In that effort, they latch upon every nit they can perceive, dissecting it down to the atomic level in hopes that they will find the one with which they can smash Obama to smitherines. A lot of people truly hate the man. While race no doubt enters into the picture – perhaps blots out all else – most simply hate the fact that Obama displays so much greater intelligence and grace than anyone on the right could hope to muster. They watch him and see arrogance or condescension, when what they’re really seeing is a confident, educated, articulate man fitting more and more comfortably into a difficult job.

    As you note, he entered office with a miserable hand left him by the outgoing dolts. He was left only the vague hope of drawing a few good cards from a stacked deck.

    Has he screwed up? Yeah. He is a rookie, afterall. He has stumbled dealing with some of the nuts and bolts. This phase won’t last long. In time – probably within a few months at most – Obama will have found his rhythm. Bush never figured out how to walk and chew gum at the same time.

    No one should even suggest that McCain would have handled things to this point any better than Obama. As time goes along, for every step backwards he takes he will be taking increasing numbers of steps forward.

  • The Obnoxious American

    Damn right McCain would have done better. Starting with not pushing through an extreme liberal adgenda, after running as a moderate and ASSURING America that he wasn’t an ideologue and wouldn’t get caught up in partisan childishness. No, not caught up but apparently specializing in.

    Not to mention that Obama’s pursuit of his ideology comes at the cost of virtually everything else, such as the AIG bonuses, and cutting vet benefits. I guess that’s all Bush’s fault. Sorry guys, but as you were so quick to remind during the GWB days, the buck stops at the oval office.

  • Baronius

    I disagree with a lot of this article, and Baritone should be ashamed for bringing up race. But I appreciate the spirit in which it was written. This is the guy we’ve got for four years. Obama hasn’t dishonored the office, and on that basis deserves our respect. Those of us who oppose his policies must not personalize it. We have to work with him gladly when we can, oppose his policies on principle when we have to, and always hope for the best possible outcome.

    BTW, Goodwin quoting Stone? You couldn’t find a more neutral example, like Chris Matthews quoting Lenin?

  • Bar,

    Why do you object to B-man’s comments?
    BTW, I responded to your comment on my thread re: discussion with Ruvy (Woody Allen).


  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Sorry guys, but as you were so quick to remind during the GWB days, the buck stops at the oval office.

    Yes Sir…You are Correct!!

    Obama hasn’t dishonored the office, and on that basis deserves our respect. Those of us who oppose his policies must not personalize it.

    Holy fucking Kool-Aid Batman!! Kinda like Clinton’s honoring of the oval office with BJs from an intern…No Dishonor?! Are you kidding? Obama didn’t just lie to get in office but he retracted every single word that spewed from his suck in less than 60 days! Sure, I won’t take it personal when this schmuck swindles the taxpayers…

    Hey, but he’s better than Gee Dubya….yea,right!

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Man, I remember when my friends looked at me weird when I mentioned Nader.. That guy would have been a real change. For good or bad, he would’ve had to work his ass off because he didn’t have an assumption of greatness from party history…

  • Baronius is a true believer that racism no longer exists in the US. Therefore, it is utterly shameful for me or anyone to even suggest that there is.

    Of course, Baronius lives in conservative la la land wherein they have convinced themselves of such blather. I guess since he hasn’t looked out his window and seen any klan rallies of late, he assumes that the melting pot has finally coalesced into a fine ecumenical brew in which we all just get along.


  • Clavos

    …the melting pot has finally coalesced into a fine ecumenical brew in which we all just get along.

    How boring.

    Fortunately, it’ll never happen…

  • The Obnoxious American


    I don’t believe racism is a factor, which isn’t the same thing as it not existing at all. I am willing to bet Baronius feels the same way.

    Of course racism exists. As a Jewish American, I can tell you that anti-semitism is alive and well. (Please refrain from making either of the following two comments: Jews aren’t a race; anti-semitism doesn’t exactly mean anti-Jew).

    Watching “Hard Time” last night, I was amazed at how many Aryan type prisoners had stars of david on their bodies, though it looked like a mockery of the star of david. What was even more interesting was how many black prisoners had similar anti jew tats on their bodies. Don’t they realize that they don’t and shouldn’t have much in common with their white supremecist prison mates? I guess they can unite in their hatred of my kind.

  • Obama didn’t just lie to get in office but he retracted every single word that spewed from his suck in less than 60 days!

    Such as?

  • #8,

    I sure hope not. It would the most boring scene indeed.

  • Baronius, I wish others had your spirit. I don’t know about the race card. It’s kind of hard to avoid, but the irrational right-wing attacks seem to have more to do with a traditional fear that anyone with some liberal tendencies is out to turn America into some socialist/communist state.

    I tend to agree with Baritone about the other reasons the right hates Obama so much. He is incredibly intelligent, confident, human, and real. He’s also up to his ass in those pythons moving north from Florida (check out The Daily Show from last night.) And he is a rookie.

    But if we don’t temper the hysteria, we’re all going to be python lunches. No one, absolutely no one has the answers to the economic mess we’re in. So we’ve got to experiment, which means some will work & some will fail.

    I’m as happy being wildly irrational about my opponents as the next person, but there comes a time when you gotta realize you must stop…for your own sake.

    E.g., Brian’s rant. Obama’s doing exactly what he said he’d do…except that he’s been more moderate on foreign policy. And a lot of his economic experts are hold overs from the Busher days.

    Oh…and the I.F. Stone quote. I just happened to be reading the book & came upon it. Forget the source–that’s ad hominem logic. The words are brilliant.

    And that’s the truth.

    (Oh, and no help with my Kindle2 Campaign? Come on, people. Advice? Hints? Money?)

    In Jameson Veritas

  • The Obnoxious American

    He’s also up to his ass in those pythons moving north from Florida (check out The Daily Show from last night.)

    Realize, the daily show isn’t news and Jon Stewart isn’t a journalist. What he did to Cramer isn’t reporting or anything and as tucker carlson aptly states in his daily beast column today, there is no dotted line from Cramer’s out of context comments and the current fiscal crisis.

    I wouldn’t be citing the Daily Show as a source if I were you.

  • Very nice, lucid and fair-minded piece, Mark. Not enough to get my teeth into to discuss other matters (you know what), but still.

    I left you a note on the other thread to visit Aetius’s comment section. We need you there.

  • Adam C. Sieracki

    The REAL Scheißturm will happen when BO’s administration kills the Bush FCC’s whitespace reallocation decision. The National Association of Broadcasters had a conniption over this and is actually taking the U.S. government to court over the issue (as you said, you can’t make this stuff up). The NAB poured tens of Millions into Obama’s coffers… Millions of nerds won’t get their high-speed wireless broadband and there’s nothing scarier than a mob of angry geeks.

    Also, Microsoft got it’s money’s worth in Obama campaign donations, when it got the big porkbarrel Medical Records contract. This is very similar to the Canadian Firearms Registry. THAT programme was supposed to cost CDN$20M, but wound up costing closer to $2BILLION (Liberal campaign donor Honeywell was one of the recipients of that IT contract largesse). With the Medical Records thing pegged at over U.S.$20B, American taxpayers should shudder to thing of what THOSE overruns are.

    The thing I really hate about BO (I’m Canadian, BTW) is the fact that the media-telecom industry bought and paid for him, and are thus unwilling to criticise him. Presidents (e.g., Bush Jr. & Sr.) SHOULD be razzed by the media–that’s their job. The worst example of this was reporting illegally-obtained records of ‘Joe the Plumber’, but dismissing any questions about BO’s birth as “tinfoil-hatted racist crazy birther talk”.

    Also, why aren’t there any cute “I remember baby Barack!” anecdotes? Why can’t ANYONE (hospital staff, other patients) seem to recall a unusually-named mullatto boy, born to a young, Midwestern mother and a black father with a British accent, in early ’60s Honolulu?

  • A conservative Canadian? You must be an anomaly.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    Hey Doc,

    From the “Bad” war to tax cuts…Do I really need to list them all?? You guys didn’t seem to come up with lists when you were calling out GW.

  • Um. Adam.

    How many ‘I remember baby George/Bill/Ronnie/Jimmy/Dickie’ stories are there?

    Remember in your critical thinking classes when they talked about ‘absence of evidence is not…’?

    Yeah, well.

  • What about them, Guppy? Has he broken either of those pledges? Remember we like you to cite your sources around here.

  • And Adam…

    ‘Shit tower’?

    Scheiβsturm would’ve made sense…

  • Forever Republican

    I saw some mention of racism here. I just wanted to say I stand by this: I don’t have problems with a black man being president. I just have problems with THAT black man being president. I am quite sure you can see the difference.
    -Forever Republican

  • Baronius

    Mark, you don’t have to puzzle out why the Right doesn’t like Obama: he’s doing the exact opposite of their platform. If a confident, intelligent black man set my hair on fire, I wouldn’t be angry at his confidence, intelligence, or skin color. Just as it’s the Right’s responsibility to oppose (when necessary) with a sense of decorum, it’s the Left’s responsibility to not question our motives for doing so. Neither side’s task is easy.

  • Nothing is forever, Forever – unless you’re God.

  • Adam C. Sieracki

    [quote]Scheiβsturm would’ve made sense…[/quote]

    Duly noted! 😮 (My arthritis is getting the better of my touch typing…)

    I’m ‘conservative’ about things like gun control, abortion (not contraception), euthanasia…but I think that gay marriage is okay. Marriage is an institution for facillitating the rrais ing of children, nothing more. There are a lot of non-productive hetero ‘marriages’ (people who plan never to have kids), so why not allow gay people to share property rights, &c. At any rate, homosexuals like MEN–not like those creepy Islamist pederasts we’re fighting. Vermont, actually, looks like a nice place, but it’s no warmer than Alberta…

    I suspect that ‘they’ (the financial backers of the Democrats) picked a bi-racial candidate, to insulate him from attacks by conservatives (it’d be ‘racist’, after all). Racism isn’t really an issue. (Many an old, white republican probably fantasises about being married to President Condoleeza Rice.)

    I think BO’s a good BSer and nobody thought to check his background. I Wonder if he even made up the whole “I travelled to Pakistan” thing…

  • We all know he came from checkered background.
    What politician doesn’t?
    Get over it.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    What about them, Guppy? Has he broken either of those pledges? Remember we like you to cite your sources around here.

    Create a $3,000 tax credit for companies that add jobs

    “During 2009 and 2010, existing businesses will receive a $3,000 refundable tax credit for each additional full-time employee hired.” – Broken!

    Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials

    “No political appointees in an Obama-Biden administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years. And no political appointee will be able to lobby the executive branch after leaving government service during the remainder of the administration.” – Broken

    Begin removing combat brigades from Iraq

    “Barack Obama will work with military commanders on the ground in Iraq and in consultation with the Iraqi government to end the war safely and responsibly within 16 months.”-Broken:

    “Obama now says that a substantial number of U.S. troops, perhaps as many as 70,000, will have to remain in Iraq long past the March 2010 deadline he established during the campaign.” -AOL News

    Plus, I believe he is sending more troops over before this time…

  • Your message seems to be mixed, Gumpy. Which is it now, he is or he aint?

  • You all honestly believe that race doesn’t enter into anyone’s attitude toward Obama? From what fantastic utopias do you any of you hail?

    I don’t believe, nor did I claim above that race is primary to most people’s dislike of Obama. However, for some race is the only issue. If you don’t believe that then you do live in la la land. I am not the one to be ashamed.

    Obama didn’t just lie to get in office but he retracted every single word that spewed from his suck in less than 60 days!

    Yeah Brian, like what? You should check to see if perhaps you are jumping back and for between parallel universes.

    Oh, and bring us up to date regarding his “lies.” Let’s have some “ferinstances.”


  • The Obnoxious American

    “You all honestly believe that race doesn’t enter into anyone’s attitude toward Obama? From what fantastic utopias do you any of you hail?”

    I never said that. There are certainly racists out there and for them, certainly it is the main issue for them. But, the fact that he got elected points to the reality that racism isn’t really a factor anymore. Perhaps a small minority cares, but they don’t really matter in national politics.

    Speaking purely for me, I really couldn’t care less that he is bi-racial. Bi-Racial as in both black and white, so technically speaking, any white would be a hypocrite for being racist towards him.

    Perhaps I feel this way because I grew up in NYC, along with people of all different stripes. Growing up, race was discussed, my friends and I would make fun of each other on every level including our race and creed and clothes and girlfriends and ability to drink etc etc ad nauseum. It was fun and funny, and the discourse demystified things. Of course, try that today and you’d wind up in PC jail.

  • I love the I.F. Stone quote.

    The ideological extremists who provide much of the rightward commentary on this and other web sites don’t represent a very large group in the general population….maybe 20-25% at the outside, and possibly much smaller.

    So I can’t take their Obama comments very seriously, although they are crude enough often enough to be deeply offensive. Best to just laugh them off whenever possible.

    In other words, there are relatively few civil discussions on here regarding the president.

    In that context, I appreciate Baronius’s attempt to be somewhat civilized, although it smacks of condescension, and I don’t expect many of his fellow travelers to follow suit. And tsk-tsk-ing anyone who brings up the subject of race in almost any context is, I guess, what makes him a unique individual.

  • Arch Conservative

    “However, for some race is the only issue.”

    You got that right B-tone.

    There are many in this nation who, without being aware of King Barry’s policies, past, stated plans for the future went ahead and votedf for him because of his race.

  • If it weren’t for black vote, Hillary would be president.

  • Let’s all rumble!

    #22: Baronius, my problem isn’t with criticism. I’ve been critical of some of Ol’ Jug Ear’s actions. It sure looks like the elephants are determined to find that mystical burial ground. They’re creating a straw man & lighting him on fire, but it’s not clear who’s really being burnt. Meanwhile (to continue the metaphor), the damn house is on fire.

    Roger–stop being reasonable. You’ll never survive on this site! And I’ll check out “the other” thread.

    #13: Obnox Am–stop being obnoxious. And stop the ad hominem stuff. There was a funny bit on the daily show about pythons released in Florida that are taking over the world. A joke. Non-political. Didn’t even blame the Busher for them.

    It was the Busher et al. who started this bailout & I supported that.

    From my unbiased and totally rational POV, the elephants never gave bipartisanship a chance…unlike Nancy Pelosi whose clear-eyed leadership and statespersonship has been an inspiration to…well, the Pelosi clan at least.

    #21: Forever Rep: Absolutely. No problem with your statement…except that it’s wrong, FOFL.

    Handguy, I don’t sense that Baronius is being condescending. I think he’s a very reasonable, ill-informed conservative who usually is pretty thoughtful. I wish there were a lot more of him. We might actually be able to work together and get something done.

    And, people, please. My Kindle2? Isn’t anyone paying attention?


    In Jameson Veritas

  • Guppster, I notice that you cite Politifact with regard to two broken pledges. Those can’t have been hard to find: the site rates only three out of more than 500 campaign pledges to have been broken thus far.

    Create a $3,000 tax credit for companies that add jobs

    The $3000 recruitment-incentive tax credit was by no means the only tax-related promise that Obama made. In fact, he made 38 of them, many of which are either rated by Politifact ‘Promise Kept’ or ‘In the Works’.

    Can I have some of those cherries when you come down?

    Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials

    I’ll grant you that he does seem to have adopted a remarkably flexible interpretation of these self-imposed standards.

    Begin removing combat brigades from Iraq

    I see that you actually had to put your own spin on this one, since Politifact inconveniently disagrees with your assessment. (They have it ‘In the Works’, because of the fluidity of any large-scale military operation.) Obama is following through with his pledge to get combat troops home from Iraq. It’s hardly a broken promise just because the original timeframe might have to be extended by a couple of months.

    As for sending more troops, I don’t know what your source is for that, but additional brigades are being sent to Afghanistan – which is something Obama did undertake to do.

    Bottom line is you made the extravagant claim that Obama could not open his mouth without lying and had reneged on every single one of his campaign promises – and attempting to support that by pointing up just one or two broken pledges ain’t gonna fly. If you’re going to get your political opinions off the back of a cereal box, best expect to have cold milk poured on them.

  • Arch Conservative

    If it weren’t for black vote, Hillary would be president.

    I’m sure that my pointing out that many people (mostly black) only voted for Obama because of his race will be construed as racism by Bton because that’s how racial demagouge leftists roll.

  • Roger, “I left you a note on the other thread to visit Aetius’s comment section. We need you there.”

    Couldn’t find link. Could you put it here?


  • Archie does have a point, but consider this:

    If I were a black American, and for the first time a black man stood within touching distance of the presidency, I wouldn’t want to look back and think that I had the opportunity to be a part of history – and voted for the white guy.

    I’m not expressing myself very well, but I hope you understand what I mean.

  • Clavos

    I’m not expressing myself very well, but I hope you understand what I mean.

    You’re crystal clear, IMO.

  • Doc,

    I see nothing wrong with your statement. Hell, if a Jew were running for president…well, except for Joe “Which Way The Wind Blows” Lieberman…I’d vote for him if for no other reason that we might get some good Delis in D.C. that offer greasy, fatty pastrami instead of that hideous, Yuppie inspired, “lean” pastrami. And also, most important, that serve 7-layer cake.

    You gotta follow your heart.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Cindy

    If Hillary were Italian I still wouldn´t vote for her.

  • Did you vote for Mondale/Ferraro?

  • Mark,

    Free Markets are Not Rational is the link to Aetius’s article.

    good Delis in D.C. that offer greasy, fatty pastrami instead of that hideous, Yuppie inspired, “lean” pastrami. And also, most important, that serve 7-layer cake. You gotta follow your heart.

    Sounds like you’re chasing a heart attack, not following your heart.

  • Cindy

    I don´t think I voted for anyone in that election Dr.D.

  • Cindy

    I am in D.C. right now. But, I´m full.

  • Cindy

    hmmm…I have a Spanish apostrophe.
    (I wonder how you pronounce it?)

  • Clavos

    It’s called an “acento” (pronounced ass-en-toe). It’s not an apostrophe, it’s an accent (notice it’s slanted, not vertical like the apostrophe in “it’s.”

    You use it thus:

    If you want to write the word pronunciacion, which has an accent on the final o, you type pronunciaci[accent key]on. The accent will modify the o, thus: pronunciación.

    Play with it; you’ll figure it out.

  • Ruvela, from you, better I expect. What, you don’t got Delis in Israel? I can’t believe you guys eat lean pastrami & don’t have 7 layer cake!

    Clavos, I’m lucky I can italicize things.

    And Cindy, Hillary was Italian…and German…and Polish…and black…and Lithuanian. During an election, any port in a storm.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • Cindy


    él coolíto Cláv!

  • Mark #36.

    There’s no link Mark. Just read his article, the comments, and then post your own.

    Then we’ll talk.


  • Jordan Richardson

    A conservative Canadian? You must be an anomaly.

    $20 says he’s from Alberta.

  • Adam C. Sieracki

    “$20 says he’s from Alberta.”

    You won! Would you like that in Canadian funds…?

    BO’s noises about ‘dirty (Tarsands) oil’ are freaking out a lot of people here. Ontarians aren’t all that happy about the Buy American clause, either. Places like Toronto and Vancouver are like Manhattan, or San Fran Cisco–not representative of the (suburban, rural) country as a whole.

    My impressions of The One, when he visited Canada, weren’t positive. This ‘electrifying’ speaker ummed and uhhed his way through a press conference, with minute-long pauses. Even hairspray-abusing dullard PM ‘Steve’ Harper (a self-described nerd, in a family of accountants) seemed dynamic and exciting as a speaker, by comparison. Also, Obama managed to confuse ‘Ottawa’ with ‘Iowa’… With those purple lips, haggard apperance and stupid verbal gaffes, I’d wonder if he’s been having TIAs (he IS a heavy smoker, with a history of Cocaine use). Joe Biden also had an aneurysm, once… Hillary Clinton may well get her wish.

    The best thing Harper could do is svat his son, Ben, to Malia (it’s never too early). in exchange for not reopening NAFTA.

  • steve

    Obama is running this country into the ground. Start the real CHANGE in 2010…oust this terrible congress…

  • STM

    Wrong Steve, the Bush administration ran America into the ground, and Obama has now been left to pick up the pieces.

    You can’t run a country into the ground in two months. That takes years. Sadly, by the time Bush left the White House, it was well and truly at ground zero.

    You need to wake up to yourself – or at least give yourself a nice hard uppercut.

  • STM

    Actualy, Steve, it wasn’t just Bush … it was the idiots on Wall St who’ve done most of the damage, but they WERE aided and abetted by the kind of neocon thinking that took root in Washington at the time and which left these markets under virtually no regulation whatsoever.

    Failing to understand that is probably even more of a crime than thinking Obama has run America into the ground after just two months.

    So give yourself a nice swift right hook as well.