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Notable/Quotables 12/5/05

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Quotes of Note that reflect what conservatives think. Or are up against.
Bolton Speaks the Truth
Just remember, the Senate would simply not give this man a straight up or down vote, forcing Bush to make him a recess appointment.

Methinks some senatorial types are really scared of what Bolton might find behind that UN Oil-for-Palaces scam.

You mean the entire planet was in on this rape of the Iraqi people to provide palaces for Saddam and bonuses for Palestinian suicide bombers and NO ONE in America knew a thing?

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Bill Richardson
Clinton’s darling, who got Monica a job at the U.N., now Governor of New Mexico and with presidential aspirations, re-visited that issue about once being drafted by the Kansas City A’s. And, well, Rich Galen explains it in a most side-splitting manner.

You don’t think ole Bill was lying to us, do you?


“According to CNN: ‘For nearly four decades, (New Mexico Democrat Gov. Bill) Richardson, often mentioned as a possible Democratic presidential candidate, has maintained he was drafted [in 1966] by the Kansas City Athletics.’

“One of the reasons a lie in one’s resume is so damaging is simple: It is totally and completely in the control of the person about whom it is written – especially when it has been included, as in Richardson’s case, since he first ran for Congress in 1982.

“Richardson’s explanation was fabulous: ‘After being notified of the situation and after researching the matter…I came to the conclusion that I was not drafted by the A’s.’

“What? ‘Came to the conclusion…?’ Yeah, Right. Until recently, I had believed I was the Sultan of Brunei. I ‘came to the conclusion’ I was not.”

– Rich Galen, Mullings, 11/28/05


Hating Walmart
The sport du jour is Walmart bashing. Not that they aren’t a perfectly legitimate business with plenty of American shoppers.

Can’t have success. The Moonbats hate success. Success is a bad thing. In a perfect world nobody or no business would be successful. In a perfect world everyone would be mind-boggling mediocre.

But we’d all have wonderful self-esteem.

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The Quote This Week That Says It All

Every evening after returning from work, husband begins a mantra about how wonderful John Murtha is, how he is the man who knows everything about the military, how every Republican and every Democrat what ever had a mother adores the man.

Of course he’s being sarcastic. And he’s right, of course. This Murtha person comes out and demands an immediate withdrawal from Iraq, forcing the House of Representatives to hold a midnight vote in which even he voted against his own nonsense.

So why is it that when someone spits nonsense they are heroes of the highest order?

Heh. So one of our sarcastic favorites, Annie Coulter, sums it up nicely.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com “I haven’t heard Republicans issue this many encomiums to one man since Ronald Reagan died. By now, Murtha has been transformed into the greatest warrior since Alexander the Great and is probably dating Jennifer Aniston. “


Christmas 2005 and the Christmas Haters Are At It Again
No matter their religion, they LOVE the Christmas money that pours in every year. Estimates are that some 30% of businesses would fail were it not for the Christmas holiday season.

So why on earth do they insist on bashing this Christian holiday? Below, a Jew puts it in perspective.


“As a practicing Jew, I don’t celebrate Christmas. There is no Christmas tree in my home, my kids don’t write letters to Santa Claus, and I don’t attend church on Dec. 25 (or any other date). Does the knowledge that scores of millions of my fellow Americans do all those things make me feel excluded or offended? On the contrary: It makes me feel grateful — to live in a land where freedom of religion shelters the Hanukkah menorah in my window no less than the Christmas tree in my neighbor’s.”

– Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby

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  • Chief Wiggum

    It’s fun using liberal’s own words to illustrate how hypocritical, degenerate, and twisted they are.

    I hate liberals.


    I HATE liberals and evrything they stand for.

  • Hate Refute the message, not the messengers.

  • Maurice

    Great job, Pat. I can’t believe the nonsense about Walmart. Thanks for an enjoyable read.

  • Michael

    Enough about christmas. It is a religous holiday that would make jesus cringe. Ah, the celebration of indulgence and profit making all in the name of christ. I am sure he would be proud.

    Also, christ was not born anywhere near December 25th. The Catholic church borrowed the holiday from pagans to help convert them, knowing in time, this christmas holiday would need more customers to help ameircan companies profit from the birth of our lord savior.

    If you are a real christian, ban shopping at any store that does not donate its entire christmas profit to the poor in this world. Or is it important that we not face mind-boggling mediocre where the ceo of walmart who makes about $8500/ hour can share a little with his piant worker making $9/hour.

    Man, I hate people who hate liberals.

  • Aaman


  • Chief Wiggum


    I wasn’t refuting anything.

    I was merely conveying the extremely intense, passionate, loathing I feel toward all you you communist, pedophile defending, condescenduing, hypocritical, tax raising, illegal alien loving, terrorist sympathizing, baby killing, racist, ACLU ass kissing, gay marriage promoting, christian bashing, anti american “progressive liberals.”

    Hate just seemed like the best word to use when describing how I feel about you sorry sacks of elephant dung.

  • you forgot to pull up the zipper on your troll suit.

  • Is attacking the messenger, not the message, really the best way to handle your thoughts, Wiggum?

    (I found it amusing that because I questioned your approach to rational discourse, you labeled me as a liberal.)

  • Chief Wiggum

    MMMMM Matthew I have read numerous posts of yours on BC and you are definitely left of center.

  • Put that ‘lol’ on the board for you, Wiggum. My readers back in college would spit-take faster than a bulemic hydrophobe.

    But honestly, does invoking hatred towards a dissenting/differing opinion do anything constructive?

  • Chief Wiggum

    I’m just being honest about how I feel.

    Would you rather I lie and say how much I like liberals?

  • I would rather neither.

    I would rather debates focused on the content of the argument and not argue about the content of the debater.

    Some of my best friends are people I sorely disagree with at a deeply-rooted ideological level.

  • Michael

    communist: i guess you prefer democracy (tell me how pure our american democracy is)

    pedophile defending: it seems catholic priest cause the most trouble here

    condescenduing: i wil chulk thiss up to pore speeling

    hypocritical: “The British Government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.” What?

    tax raising: possibly to offset republican debt

    illegal alien loving: such as irish, spanish, african, korean, german, iranian, russian…its called america

    terrorist sympathizing: islam basher; is every muslim a terrorist in your eyes…tell the truth

    baby killing: is that your compassionate conservatism coming out

    racist: the white race has caused some problems

    ACLU ass kissing: our civil rights are somewhat important in a free country

    gay marriage promoting: lower rate of divorce, and in a civil society, none of my business what an adult does in private, unless it is hurting my traditonal marriage, then it should be banned

    christian bashing: yes, because it seems most christians dont actually follow what jesus said; do you think jesus would hold a womans hand that was having an abortion, or throw blood on her

    anti american progressive liberals: thats rich, the motto of the religous right; too bad america is not only for white christians who like to make money..it is so much more, and for you to call me a progressive liberal, who is interested in progress and rational thought, thanks for the compliment

  • All right, kids, each of you sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.

  • RogerMDillon

    So Walmart’s competitors are all on the left? I thought the left didn’t run businesses. Try to get your sterotypes straight. On a positive note, you are not mediocre.

    Murtha doesn’t have the power to force a vote in the House. That would be the Republican leadership who control the House. It’s amazing how people can write about politics yet know so little about the way it actually works.

    Wiggum, if you hate liberals so much, why use a name from a show that was created by mostly liberals in Hollywood? Change your name to Goliath. “I wouldn’t go in there, Davey.”

    Contradictionville, Population: You

  • Michael


    The only problem is I have facts. I can defend my points. The other comments are just noise. It is a narrow opinion of what america should look like, and this type of nonsense needs to stop. It is time to move back to the center and come up with solutions based on common sense, that benefits evryone in this country, and our world we live in.

  • Michael, that may be true, but I have yet to see a word of that here in this thread.

    See, remember in third grade when a kid hit you and you hit him back, and you both get in trouble?

    Some Catch-22’s never die.

  • Michael

    It is more like a kid hit me, and I try to tell him it did not hurt, and here are the reasons why

    1. your anger is from a feeling of inadequacy, which i do not take personally, but realize it is something to address for the benefit of schoolyard peace
    2. attempt to discuss where we differ
    3. if this works, great, we can begin to solve other problems. if it does not work, then agree to be civil in our disagreements

    I leave it to chief wiggum, i am putting him on notice

  • Chief Wiggum

    I heard there’s been someone on here impersonating me

    Chief Wiggum: They only come out in the night. Or in this case, the day.

  • Chief Wiggum

    What facts Michael?

    HOw about the facts that you progressives swear up and down how you support the troops then vote for people like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry who do nothing but cut military funding. Or how about how many of you so called progressives behave in such a patronizing manner toward the military treating them like baffoons who are incapable of knowing what’s in thier own best interest.

    HOw about the fact that millions of illegals are coming across our southern border every year committing, crimes, getting free healthcare, not paying taxes and refusing to learn english. How about the fact that every time something is done to stop these illegals (ie Minutemen) the ACLU sues.

    HOw about the fact that every time someone says that tracking convicted child sex offenders is a good idea the ACLU claims the rights of those child sex offenders are being violated.

    How about the fact that while the pillars of the “progressive community” believe in raising taxes they themselves use every tax loophole they can find to pay the minumum amount of taxes.

    How about the fact that every “progressive” under the sun says America is under the threat of terrorism and Bush isn’t protecting us but then these progressives bitch when there are baggage checks int he airport and the subway. NO not every muslim is a terrorist Michael but I havn’t seen any 6 foot blonde fair skinned female muslim terrorists have you?

    How about the fact that “progressives” only seem to be concerned with the separation of church and state when Christianty is the religion in question but don’t say boo when other religions are touted.

    Anti-American? Yes………just take a look at all the “progressive” posters on here. Every word out of there mouths is how bad America is…..how stupid Americans are…….Like [Deleted in line with BC Comments Policy. Comments Editor.]Nancy calling the military the “American Death Brigade”
    I’ve never coem across such an ungrateful [Deleted in line with BC Comments Policy. Comments Editor.]

    Yes Racist…. progressives idolize people like Al Sharpton who filed false claims on behalf of Tawanna Brwley saying she was raped by a white man to stir racial tensions. You “progressives” claim call Republicans/conservatives racists but if any black person dares vote repub or say something that is slightly conservative you call them an Uncle tom or race traitor. Doesn’t get much more racist than that.

    You’re putting me on notice?
    [Deleted in line with BC Comments Policy. Comments Editor.]

    You’re [Deleted] just like every other little left wing [Deleted]

    You are the fringe Michael.

    Your party can’t win an electiont o save it’s life and the American public is tired of you and your degenerate cronies trying to push your perverted, degenerate, agenda on this nation while attempting to destroy everything that was ever good, moral, and decent about this nation.

    [CHIEF WIGGUM: UNLESS you moderate your language, permanently, I am going to institute a brief policy of deleting every single comment that comes from you. And your IP if necessary. Brief is defined as “for as long as I want”. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. I won’t be repeating the warning, simply acting. Thank you. Comments Editor.]

  • Sick Of Wiggum

    Chief Wiggum please. Your arguements are pathetic. Let me break it down for you. Democrats also cut military spending. The military budget was at an all time low when a democrat was in the office-check your history books-and stop watching Bill O’Reily.

    2)America was built on the backs of immigrants and it still is. I bet you that more “citizens” of the U.S. contribute to crime than illegal immigrants. As for learning english-ha, walk down the dirt road in your trailer park and you will find that most people who are white can’t speak proper english. As for health care-people who were born here can’t even afford health care.

    3)Loopholes are always found by the rich-they belong to no party but the party of finance.

    4) Terrorists are white and 6ft tall, have you heard of the CIA? Again, read your history books if you can read. The CIA has killed hundreds of thousands, toppled governments and established corrupt regimes on their own. Give your head a shake. There is a world outside your trailer.

    5) As for your racist, very selective, and ignorant comments that go on from here-I ignore them. I can only discuss topics with people who actually understand them. Grow up-stop hiding behind your grade six education and read a book or two that doesn’t contain more pictures than words.

    Better yet–travel to another country–stay there awhile and you’ll learn that the U.S. will soon be little brother to China. Don’t believe me? Wait a few years. So you better brush up on your Chinese because you will soon be working for them.

  • Michael

    I am worthless. After your tirade, I believe I you show some true colors. Conservatives dont play nice, and when called on their views, they freak out.

    I speak to my cousin in iraq once a week, and let him know how much I support him and the sacrifice he is making for the benefit of all of us. But it pains me to think his presence in iraq could have been avoided as a last resort, and how the administration failed to understand what would happen in iraq, when the citizens in this world were calling on diligence before the war started.

    go watch fox news, and continue to spit your venom. america will never be great with the likes of bush in the presidency and people like you spreading hate…we are as good or bad as our leaders, and right now, that is sad.

  • I found the level of prejudice, cynicism and bitterness revealed throughout this article hateful in the extreme… I’m shocked frankly.

  • This is what happens when I leave the computer. You kids start fighting again?

  • I guess it’s too much to ask WalMart to support American manufacturers by selling their products and American workers by paying them a fair wage and benefits? Is that a liberal ideology or simply a just one?

  • ClubhouseCancer

    20 clearly violates the standards here. And 21 is a personal attack also. With some support, and without profanity, but still, it’s a personal attack. Please remove, dearest Phillip.

    Then please explain to me what motivates someone to call someone he has never met, and will never meet, a foul name? What is the point of this?

  • CC,

    Because arguing on the Internet is like competing in the Special Olympics.

    Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

  • RogerMDillon

    Wiggum, (a character created by Hollywood liberals who were quite possibly educated at Ivy League colleges)

    Republicans cut militry spending and benefits as well or didn’t you get that in your Ann Coulter newsletter?

    How about the conservative business owners that are hiring these illegals? Create and enforce strict punishments for employers and when the jobs dry up, the illegals will go elsewhere. BTW, you shouldn’t speak about people learning English with the plethora of errors in your comments.

    “I havn’t seen any 6 foot blonde fair skinned female muslim terrorists have you”

    Maybe, I’m not sure about her height but have you heard about the white Belgian female suicide bomber that recently struck?

    Do you have any links to news stories where other religions were blurring the separation of church and state or are you just frothing off at the mouth?

    “people like Al Sharpton who filed false claims on behalf of Tawanna Brwley saying she was raped”

    Did Al know the information was false? I thought your side didn’t consider things to be lies if the person thought they were telling the truth.

    “Your party can’t win an electiont o save it’s life”

    Are you not counting the latest gubernatorial races?

  • Chief Wiggum


    Republicans have not voted against military spending nearly as many times as the Dems have.

    Business owners, regardless of thier political views, should be punished for hiring illegals. However that does not justify the behavior of the ACLU who does everything they can to hinder the crackdown on illegals entering the country.

    How many of the 911 terrorists weren’t middle eastern muslim, or how about the attacks in spain and London, how about all the israeli attacks. Congrats Michael you found one terroist who happened to be on non middle east muslim descent while the other 99.9% are. So I guess we should stop assuming that most terrorists will continue to be middle eastern muslim men huh Miochael? great logic you have there.

    In New York City the policyis that a Menorah may be displayed on public school grounds but a nativity may not be. HOw is that for the “blurring of separation of church and state?” Also in Florida a town made it illegal to display the nativity in the public suqare but it is ok to display the menorah. Last I knew the ACLU hasn’t stepped in on either instance to clarify the “blurring of separation of church and state.”

    It has been proven that Al sharpton knew what he was doing. Also Richard Steele, a republican virginia congressman who happens to be black was called “little black sambo” “oreo” and “uncle tom”
    by liberals and on liberal/progressive websites. How’s that for not being racist?

    And your party won a gubenotorial race in NJ? So what? That’s like republicans bragging about winning Texas. I’m talking about a national race

  • RogerMDillon

    First off, I’m not Michael, so try working on those comprehension skills.

    You are a hyprocrite. Attacking Dems for cutting military spending but being okay with Repubs because allegedly they haven’t done it as often. What is the proper limit? I’m guessing your party just makes the cut.

    If you think the ACLU is the main problem with illegal aliens, then you are woefully uninformed.

    Don’t act like you know anything about logic. You ask for one white female terrorist and I present one. Then you start frothing at the mouth about 9/11 because you were proven to be wrong which is something you should be used to. No one said anything about the majority of other terrorists, although it’s a nice attempt at a distraction.

    A Menorah and Jesus Christ are two compltely different things. If you have a Christian candle holder, by all means put it out. I have no problem with Christian displays, but if the city says you can’t do it, move or get invloved politically.

    Where has it been proven that Al knew this?

    You hit the trifecta with your next comment.
    There is no Republican Virginia congressman Richard Steele. Do you mean Lt Gov. Michael Steele of MD? I nominate your reply as Comment of the Day as an example of what not to do.

    And the Democrats aren’t my party. But keep at it. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    You’re on notice!

  • No, he’s clearly referring to Richard Steele — race traitor by day, boxing ref by night.

  • Chief Wiggum

    I was adressing you Roger in my last post I just got the names mixed up.

    There is a link for those of you have have not heard about how liberals have called a Mr. Steele “little black sambo” just because he is repuiblican and black. It might be news to you white progressives but you don’t own the minds of black Americans or thier votes.

    Secondly never did I say that the ACLU was the main problem with regard to illegal immigration. The government is mostly to blame. Yes you heard it right…. I’m a Republican but I’m giving George Bush an F- for stemming thje tide of illegals. He has done nothing at all to even begin to address this problem.

    When most terrorists happen to be islamic middle eastern men and then you bitch that we can’t profile the typical terrorist as being these men and maybe pay a little more attention to them but then also bitch when you say enough isn’t being done to protect us from terrorists how exactly are you being logical Roger? No not all muslims are terrorists and I never claimed that in any of my posts but if you’re a law enforcement agent who is trying to stop a terrorist who more than likely fits a certain profile that’s who you have to look for right?

    Yes the Menorah and Jesus (although I said the Crechm, which contains the baby Jesus, and not Jesus) are two different things. One is a religious symbol of the Jewish faith and one os a religious symbol of the Christian faith. NYC’s policy is to allow the Menorah and not the Creche. That sounds like a double standard to me. And no I will not move on because if it were any other religion being censored you can bet you red liberal ass the ACLU would be suing. The standard battle cry from all you “progressives” who feel the need to explain the separation oif church and state is “no religious symbols of any religion can be displayed on public property.” So I ask you again Roger… why is it ok for NYC to say Jewish Religious symbols can be displayed in public school systems in NYC but Christian ones can’t?

    Sharpton knew it’s been proven. It happened so long ago but here is just one link roger.

    Lastly I did make a mistake in the gentleman from Virginia’s first name. It is Michael Steele not Richard Steele. Regardless of you being a Democrat or not my post is for all to read not just you. Democrats act like they own black people and what they have done to Michael Steele is proof of this and thier racism. Liberals/progressives/Democrats whatever you want to call yourselves claim to be champions of race relations and have no preconceptions about race whatsoever but if any black person dare espouse sentiments that don’t tow the “progressive” line or god forbid vote reepublican, those progressives wil be on that black person faster than Bill Clinton on a new white house intern, calling that black person an “uncle tom” “race traitor” or “little black sambo.”
    Here is the link Mr. Sussman showing the true color of liberals.