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Notable Quotables 8/8/05

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Quotables: – Quotes of Note that reflect what conservatives think. Or are up against.
Thoughts of Saudi King Fahd
Who just died.

Read his quote and you’ll be glad he did.

“I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American ambassador appears to do my bidding. When the Americans die in my service their bodies are frozen in metal boxes by the US Embassy and American airplanes carry them away, as if they never existed. Truly, America is my favorite slave.”

-King Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz, Jeddeh 1993

From the Mayor of London

Which suffered and is still suffering from attacks by terrorists.

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On Same Sex Parents
Seems Massachusetts is dealing with what to call the “parents” of children of same sex couples.

From Kathleen Parker:

The problem is that birth certificates as currently written reflect archaic notions of procreation, that is, involving a mother and father. Thus, gay and lesbian parents have asked the state to replace “mother” and “father” with Parent A and Parent B.

And we thought Dr. Seuss was just being silly when he created Thing One and Thing Two in his “Cat in the Hat” series.

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