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Not just for the ladies anymore….

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Sanitary napkins, which I have foolishly thought were just for, well, women, seem to be branching out:

“Foxy Lady” Harisu will be the first transgender individual to appear in an advertisement for menstrual pads.

From the middle of next month, Harisu will be appearing as a model in television and magazine ads for imported “UFT” sanitary napkins.

She’ll get a guaranteed W100 million an ad for three months. The selection of Harisu, a transsexual, as the model for menstrual pads is setting the advertising world on fire.

Up till now, male stars like Go Su and Gam U-seong have appeared in sanitary napkin ads, but never has a transgender individual appeared in an ad for such a feminine product. The Taiwanese firm UFT really tried hard to cast Harisu in its ads. In fact, when the singer first learned what the company wanted her to market, she was quite hesitant to agree to the project.

The part that really strikes me is not that a transgender person is hawking tampons, but rather than male stars have been selling them for sometime. I can’t quite see this one. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not going to buy something for my prostrate that Britney Spears or Janet Jackson flacks, no matter how good a job they’re doing at it.

Thanks to Mark for the tip.

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