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North Korea, Nigeria & Icelandic Pop

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Thursday night’s Frontline/World includes segments on North Korea, Nigeria, and the music scene in Iceland. All of the segments have online companions and will be available in streaming video by next week.

BBC reporter Ben Anderson spends a week in North Korea where he manages to both give a rare sense of what life is like in there and bond with the minders who try to put a positive spin on everything (even famine). There is an interview with him online.

Another BBC reporter Alexis Bloom goes to Nigeria in search of Amina Lawal who was sentenced to be stoned for adultery and gets caught up in the riots over the Miss World Pageant. She does eventually interview Lawal and explores the influence of Islam on the country. Online there are interviews with five Nigerian women and with Nobel prize-winning writer Wole Soyinko.

The final piece includes what probably is the first portion of a Bjork video and Sigur Ros performance ever shown on Frontline. Marco Werman who does the music segment on the public radio program “The World” attends a music conference in Iceland. The webpage for the story includes a tour of music from Iceland and an essay by Werman.

I’ve worked with series editor Stephen Talbot and Production Manager Rachel Raney (whose very funny documentary Livermore is now available on DVD).

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