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North – Elvis Costello fubar

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I just got in minutes ago, in a fit of syncronycity while I was checking my downstairs mailbox, there was a Canada Post dude who had a parcel from Amazon.ca. Cool.

I’ve unwrapped the stuff (The Tick, The Sandman Endless Nights, Warren Zevon “The Wind”, and Elvis Costello “North”).

Now, “North” is supposed to come with all sorts of goodies, including an exclusive only available on the net with the super-secret code included with the packaging. So, I undo all the annoying barcode stickers, find the insert, and read “not compatible with macintosh computers”.

Well fuck you very much Universal. So you’ve forced me, and the millions of devoted music fans (who use Macs because they are so good at using music and video – digital appliances, don’t you get it? You cack-handed chunder monkeys!) to download the track illegally from the net. All you’ve done is Piss. Me Off.

So, if you are an Elvis Costello fan, and you own a Mac, don’t bother buying the CD for the extras. Download it off the net instead, or copy it from a friend. Odd how nothing has really changed from the days of “Radio, Radio”

They say you better listen to the Voice of Reason
But they don’t give you any choice
‘Cause they think that it’s treason
So you had better do as you were told

(and bonus, the listings for “North” are all screwed up at Amazon – bad data from UniMusic)

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  • You guys should get together and hold a Costello pity-party. Boo-friggin-hoo, he didn’t put out an album that met your expectations. Guess what? There are people who think this is a fantastic album and a very proud addition to his catalog and their collections. This album is exactly what I expected and exactly what Elvis said it would be – an album of moody jazz ballads. And it’s an excellent one at that. Here’s a perfect summation of the album: http://pressuredrop.blogspot.com/2003_09_21_pressuredrop_archive.html#106443329257312156

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: all you people who immediately say something sucks, you’re going to stick this in your collection, rip it to shreds in any conversation you can, and in a couple years you’re going to pull it out again and find that you love it.

  • Jim

    Well, how do you think I feel, after getting through all the packaging, to find out the album sucks?

    Y’know, Elvis has done schmaltz before, and done it well. But this time (and releasing it on DG, c’mon pull the other one, it’s got bells on it) it is just forgetable.

    It’s really depressing when the best thing Elvis Costello has done this year is appear on the David Letterman show.

  • Thing is, the song “North” just isn’t worth the bother of downloading. I know that it’s the principle of the thing, but the album pretty much sucks, let alone the bonus track that didn’t merit inclusion on the album in the first place.

  • By the way any of you Windoze lusers want it go to http://www.elviscostello.com

    and the code is rbCnM

    3l1te!!! rulz3!

  • That’s what pisses me off so much, that’s it’s dumbass marketing, which winds up pissing off the fans, and does nothing to develop new fans.

    What’s next? they’ll only release sheet music versions of an Elvis Costello song which can only be read in Word? That’ll show them! You need to both read sheet music and have Word installed.

    Then we’re releasing his next album in Esperanto. Bwhahwhawhahahaha! We’ll take over the world!

  • Don’t write off the 3-track live DVD that comes with it – the title song is included on that, so unless you absolutely have to have the studio version, you’ve still got it. (PC user here, haven’t even bothered to download the song yet . . . just don’t care – this is BS marketing. Either release the song or don’t, but don’t pull a download-only stunt. It pisses me off.)