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North Dakota Boy Going National

From KXMA News:

Ed Schultz plans to start a national talk show in January.
Schultz is the host of KFGO’s “News and Views,” which is aired across North Dakota.

Democratic lawmakers are helping to raise money for the show, which will be broadcast both out of Fargo and Washington, D.C.

Senator Byron Dorgan says talk radio is dominated by conservatives, and that SchultzSchultz.bmp can fill a void.
Former Republican Governor Ed Schafer says he’s happy that a North Dakotan has a chance to succeed beyond the state’s borders.

But he says Schultz’s ratings have slipped since he turned from a conservative to a liberal talk show host.
The show is being marketed by Jones Radio, which syndicates about 600 programs, and Media Syndication Services, a radio production company.

Paul Woodhull is president of Media Syndication Services. He says listeners have an instant reaction to Schultz. He says they will either love him or hate him, but they will listen to him.

I am very sorry that the latest entry into national talk radio is Ed Schultz. I am also very sorry that Schultz will be representing my state on the national stage. Originally Schultz had a decidedly conservative bent to his radio broadcast. For whatever reason he switched. Though he claims to be “independent” make no bones about it, Schultz is a liberal.

On his show he claims to show both sides of every issue. While he allows callers and guests to voice opinions from both sides of the fence he is only argumentative with conservatives. He is almost excusively critical of conservatives.

Just before the drug issue struck Rush Limbaugh, Rush’s show was put on directly after Schultz’s News and Views. The rage was apparent in his voice as each day his show became more and more a simple diatribe against everything Rush had to say. He has accused Rush of being a pawn used by the Bush family and the GOP. Looking at his switch from conservatism to liberalism and the support he’s receiving from the democratic party I can’t see where he has much room to talk.

I would not have a problem with Schultz if he would just come out and admit to being a liberal. Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk hosts admit that they are conservatives every day, why won’t Schultz fess up? All of his arguments fall right along Democratic party lines.

If Rush is a pawn for the Republican party then Schultz is nothing more than a checker for the Democrats.

Schultz planning national talk show

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