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Is it me or does the fact that Norah Jones won eight Grammys show how bad the current crop of major label stuff is? The woman is extremely talented and deserved much kudos, but eight?

The reason record sales are down is not the internet its because the major are pumping wannabe cloned crap. How many versions of Nickleback or N’Sync do we really need? How about some original sound for a change. One only wonders how Ms Jones managed to sneak through.

Only trouble with her sweep is now getting tickets for her gig will be even more impossible that they were on her last tour.

On a sadder note, it will be interesting to see if Nelly is affected by his lack of tact. If the audience reaction was anything to go by he might have made a tactical career error. We shall see.

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  • Compared to the rest of the field..Nora Jones is outstanding in every way. Her friend Jesse Harris writes great songs.. She does a Hank Williams song nothing less than transcendantly etherial. Her voice sounding much older than her 23 years..a little Billy Holiday…a little Sarah Vaughn..and maybe even a little Ray Charles influenced, but with a wholly original timbre. Yes the music that is out there (commercially speaking-available through mass media) is by and large pathetic, but these days no one wonders why Eva Cassidy died without a record deal and Coldplay seems nothing if not melodically and percussively unique. Give the girl a break ..the rest of us did.

  • Your title misspells her name – Norah Jones

  • OOps – just noticed the date of the post

  • Eric Olsen

    corrected nonetheless