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Nope, just breathing hard

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From Globetechnology.com:

TORONTO, March 4 — The music industry, under its Canadian Value of Music Coalition, a coalition of music industry individuals and organizations, has launched a new Web site aimed at kids aged 9 to 17. The CVOMC’s aim is to inform kids about the influence of the digital marketplace on consumers’ music choices and its effects on the artists and creators that make music. The Web site allows visitors to stream music from record labels, interviews with industry players and artists, issues challenging the industry, the ability to step into the shoes of an aspiring artist, and a chat room. Participating retailers include A&B Sound, Best Buy, CD Plus, CD Warehouse, Future Shop, HMV, Music World, Sunrise, Wal-Mart and Zellers. The major entertainment companies producing and distributing music in Canada — BMG, EMI, Sony, Universal and Warner — spearheaded the Value of Music campaign and have aligned with artists, songwriters, music publishers, rights collectives, broadcasters and retailers as the Canadian Value of Music Coalition (CVOMC).

There’s one big problem, the site http://www.keepmusiccoming.com/, doesn’t work. It just shows a blank screen in Netscape thanks to some stupid scripting, and even with IE and DSL, it won’t load. The site is apparently coded in Flash. Again the music industry shoots itself in the foot.

There’s a reason people download music using P2P, it’s easy, convenient, and if it’s killing the music industry as it now exists, it’s fun, too! The biggest enemy of the music business is the music business.

In another note, by aiming at the kidz, the music industry continues to ignore and insult the bulk of the music buying audience – adults.

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    The “Good Music” mag post we did yesterday claimed over-30 account for 56% of sales.