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Noise Pop in San Francisco

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The 12th Noise Pop Festival opens Tuesday in San Francisco and runs through Sunday. In addition to a full schedule of bands and a film fest, there will be Future of Music legal seminar which will look at many of the issues debated here. It is full, but I’ll be covering the panels featuring Lawrence Lessig, Jerry Harrison, Krist Novoselic, Fat Mike, Molly Neuman, Tim Quirk and others.

Bands include 50 Foot Wave, I Am Spoonbender (who are shooting their gig for a DVD), Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Neko Case and Friends (Kelly Hogan, Carolyn Mark & John Rauhouse), Bonfire Madigan, John Vanderslice, Built Like Alaska, The Decemberists, Preston School Of Industry, and a reunited American Music Club.

There are fest passes for $125 and tickets are available for individual shows ranging from $5 to $20.

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  • Lessig, Novoselic, and Mike are definitely three people i’d like to hear speak. too bad i don’t live any where near San Francisco.

  • It should be good.

    I’ll write something about it though I won’t be able to cover everything.

    If they put any audio online or there are more meticulous bloggers there than I, I’ll let you know.