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Katie Giguere doesn’t fit the sterotype of the artist in any genre. She is herself, and doesn’t fall prey to the the vogue image, the music producers or anyone else. She sings from her heart.

Her debut CD, Bringin’ Me Hope, is an astounding mix of talent and personality. She doesn’t buckle to the industry or the public view of what she should be.

Her music will not appeal to everyone (although it should). Her voice is cutting edge and lyrical, haunting and beautiful.

She will not be deterred from her message, which she believes is God given. Her music is inspirational, clear, uplifting, and she is accompanied by musicians who “get her”. They don’t try to overpower her message with mega music. Her voice, her message is enough.

She has become a much sought after guest artist on cd’s of artists NOT in her genre, and she is worthy of a listen. Don’t let her get by you. My favorite of hers, “It is Well With My Soul”…is as important when she sings it as it was in decades past.

She is and will be an important artist in her genre, and will be a subtle influence in others.

Her website can be found at:


You go girl!


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