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No Sabbath reunion

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CMU reports the following:

Speculation galore as to what is going on – or not – behind the scenes at Ozzfest following widespread disappointment in a ‘special announcement’ made on the Ozzfest website on Friday.

The announcement had been trailed for days before it was made. When it finally arrived on Friday, fans were told that Ozzy’s people will be running a new bands competition, the prize of which is a slot on the main stage at Ozzfest this year. While such a programme is undisputedly exciting, especially for young metal bands, it was not the news everyone was expecting – that of a Black Sabbath reunion at Ozzfest.

Rumours of Ozzy Osbourne’s old band headlining the tour began weeks ago and some felt they had been confirmed by Ozzy who, when recently asked by a radio station as to whether Black Sabbath would reform, simply said “I think so”. After that internet message boards were buzzing with anticipation thatan official announcement of a Black Sabbath reunion at Ozzfest was due – hence the disappointment on Friday.

Since then there has been speculation on said message boards that a reunion was being planned, but that it was pulled at the last minute, and that the band competition announcement was made because some ‘exciting news’ had been promised. Some say the video clip that carried Friday’s news was originallycalled ‘Sabbath Announcement.mov’ but was changed at the last minute to’Announcement.mov’, suggesting some news about Black Sabbath had been originally planned.

Either way, for the time being at least, organisers of Ozzfest maintain that their line up is headlined by Ozzy, Judas Priest and Slayer, and not Black Sabbath.

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