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I am stiffened with fear.
The old dark funk still
echoes with the worlds
of the brilliant, the loved.
What could I possibly
contribute. At last,
I have only these few
words, dear. This after
so many, so lovely.

I find myself blank.
We let the all of it
get away.

Never once will you sit
where I sit now,
an acolyte of apostolic

succession; I who keep
alive the chain. Touch
the shoulders of the past.

There will be no response.
You lay quiet and coiled;
A viper. A sting of words
ready to spring, but not
this time. Sweetness
has left.

My words are met with silence
Silence and the tinsel
smell of dynamite
in the moment just before
silence deafens.

sadi ranson-polizzotti

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  • Eric Olsen

    exceptional, final stanza brilliant, thamks Sadi!

  • ta dah! thank, E. –

    i’m writing every day, a lot – like crazy hypergraphia going on due to ridiculous electricity in the brain, and the result is often weird, but sometimes worthwhite. i actually lke this one too, which is weird because i don’t often like the final result – not so much; but the last stanza i was curious about to see if it had any resonance with anyone; did they know what that meant and you did, which is great. did you see, tant mieux has been selected as Best of the Web at SquareSpace, which rocks. Thought you’d like to know.

    thx. for reading this; it’s my favorite of the month.

    rock on — i need to read on Blog and catch up a bit.


  • Shark

    Cliches I don’t especially care for:

    stiffened with fear.

    I find myself blank.

    You lay quiet and coiled;
    A viper.


    Best Line:

    “Silence and the tinsel
    smell of dynamite…”

    –kinda wrecked by the lack of rhythm of:

    “…in the moment just before
    silence deafens.”

    “deafens”, a two-syllable ending, sorta throws off the musicality, imo. Would have been better with a one-sylalbe word. IMO.

    — And having ‘silence’ deafen is somewhat of a reversal of another cliche, “defeaning silence.”

    Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings or your baby, but hey, you asked.