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No Pop

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AOL – it’s bubble burst on every level – seems to have a very different atitude these days. The latest development? As of today members can block pop-up ads:

    AOL Web Pop-Up Controls was to be available to customers Wednesday for download, and will appear in future versions of AOL’s software, the company said.

    Users will be able to block outside ads, as well as those authored by AOL and the other media companies within AOL Time Warner, its corporate parent, said AOL spokesman Andrew Weinstein.

    “AOL’s new Pop-Up Controls will allow our members to explore the Web without being trapped in pop-up purgatory,” said David Gang, AOL’s executive vice president for marketing. “We asked our members to tell us how we can continue to improve the AOL service, and this was near the top of their wish list.” [Washington Post]

AOL’s corporate pain is making life better for its customers – too bad the pain had to come first.

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