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No More “Insurgents”– Now, Even the Sunni Call Them “Terrorists”

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I have long wondered when the tide would turn. This week, apparently, it has.

What am I talking about? It is this:

The Iraqis are at last referring to those who are bombing and shooting them as “terrorists.”

They are not calling them “insurgents.” They are not calling them “freedom fighters.” Whatever it is that the Western news media are calling them, the Iraqis are no longer calling them.

To the Iraqis they are now bona fide terrorists. Period.

Two days ago I quoted a man injured in a suicide bombing in Tall Afar as saying:

“I don’t think those terrorists know the meaning of God, and they don’t have the least right to claim that they’re religious.”

Yesterday, after a bomb had gone off in front of their headquarters, Alaa Makki, a senior party official with the largest Sunni(!) political party in Iraq (the Iraqi Islamic Party) condemned the Baghdad attack, saying the party would “use the political process to fight terrorism and promote stability in Iraq.”

When the Sunni leaders in Iraq start referring to the “insurgents” as terrorists it should be time for the US news media to wake up and take notice.

Unless we know something that the average, ordinary, man-in-the-street Iraqi doesn’t know, we should respect their judgement and join them in calling these terrorists terrorists!

But don’t bet on it.

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  • Luke

    I didn’t comment on it because it’s nothing to complain about, just wanted to point out that, fuck iraq because you’ve spent a trillion dollars on it, fat fuckin waste of money if you ask me, regardless of the result, but I’m glad Iraq has their shit together, because how shitty would you feel spending all that money, and the country still fucked. Just really, tremendous expense in just about every way possible, money, lives, and erm, well mainly just money and lives.

  • I agree.

    But what’s actually going on here is that the comment tracking system is off, so the ego-scanning trolls aren’t able to find the threads they’re ranting on.


  • Hmmmm. Did we stray from the thread just a teeny, tiny bet here? lol Perhaps my submission was so self-evident that it is no worthy of comment? Wow. Thanks for the complement. PS. I believe that the voting in Iraq yesterday will be supportive of my premise. It was a good day for Iraq, don’t you all agree?

  • Luke

    no, they’ll all try to look good in other things, and with the debt, only pay off the interest, never actually start paying off the capital.

  • That’s assuming we elect a president dumb enough to try to pay of the debt in 4 years and to stall the economy with tax increases in order to do it.

    The only reasonable solution to the current debt situation is to keep the economy growing by keeping tax rates low and tax revenues high, and cut government spending at the same time. That will erase the debt faster than any other response.

    The problem is, do you see any of the likely candidates actually doing it?


  • Luke

    Y’know, the next president is going to be a lot less popular than this one, and he’ll only last 4 years in power while he taxes you guys up the ass to try and make enough money for one loan payment.

  • Luke

    Does this mean America will soon stop racking up 100’s of billions of dollars in debt? and perhaps even start trying to pay it back?

  • That’s so simplistic, MCH. I hate to even try to discuss it with you.

    RJ didn’t send anyone anywhere. He doesn’t have the authority. He just supported a government that made that decision. You can support the government even when it does some things that are wrong. It doesn’t make you personally responsible for everything they do.

    When he supported the start of the war he had no way of knowing we wouldn’t have to institute a draft and send him off to fight, and that was a risk he took in supporting the war.

    As for refusing to even try to enlist. It’s a volunteer military. No individual is particularly obligated to enlist regardless of their political beliefs.

    Soldiers aren’t sent anywhere to die. That’s a basic fallacy which even you should know better than. They’re sent to accomplish specific military goals. The risk of death is part of their job description, but it is NOT the objective, as you imply over and over again.

    You are as responsible as RJ is for what’s going on in Iraq. You could have done more to stop Bush from being elected. You could have done more to stop the war before it happened. You could have gone over there instead of the soldiers who are there. There are a thousand things someone could have done over the last 30 years to stop us from getting to the point we did. Did you try every single one? We’re a society and everyone shares responsibility for what the government does, whether they supported it or not.

    I realize this all goes right over your head, but there it is.


  • MCH

    Re comment #4;

    The difference is, Nalle, that I was/am opposed to the invasion and occupation of Iraq; and Bobby (RJ) Elliott is a bellicose “supporter” of the war, while refusing to even try to enlist, yet content to send others to die over there in his place.

  • For those who don’t understand, I was being sarcastic in comment 5.

    1) They are anti-Freedon, the should be called Fascist Fighters

    2) The American troops and the Iraqi troops are the Freedom Fighters. They overthrew an oppresive government and are building a Republic.

    3)We were fighting the imposing British government who refused to give us any representation are control over our own country. The Terrorists in Iraq are fighting Americans who ARE giving the Iraqis COMPLETE control over their own country.

    4)The Brits were a foreign power colonizing us and not giving us any hope of Independence, Americans are doing NO such thing in Iraq.

    5) Our founding fathers shot Red Coats, the Terrorists blow up their own. Our militia only burned the homes of Loyalists who gave them away to the British.

  • No, they aren’t TERRORISTS!!! They are FREEDOM FIGHTERS!!! Show some respect for them, they are just like our FOUNDING FATHERS!!!

  • And no thatnks to you either, MCH. Or did they suddenly start deploying retired navy personnel at the polling stations?


  • MCH

    “i hear voting went quite well yesterday. hardly any attacks, and large voter turnout in all provinces.”
    – Bobby RJ “I won’t be trying to enlist to serve in Iraq” Elliott

    No thanks to you, Bobby.

  • Less than 1/10th the terrorist attacks of the last election and a 66% turnout. Not bad.


  • rj

    i hear voting went quite well yesterday. hardly any attacks, and large voter turnout in almost all provinces.