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No more Doom Technology?

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I saw it mentioned on a blog somewhere, and it’s not a nice thought. I instantly fingered John Carmack (johnc@idsoftware) and it’s true, he hasn’t been maintaining it since February 7th, 2003.

And yes, in an interview he gave about 13 days after blogcritic’s first anniversary on CNN (hey, that is a conspiracy) I learnt that he is increasingly interested in starting a new career as rocket scientist (in the actual meaning of the words). And he even stated that, if I can interpret that this way, he is kind of bored doing 3D games by now.

So will we be able to keep him as the precursor he has been in game graphics?

After all, his technology gave us some vast leaps in technology, from Commander Keen’s spectacular side scrolling effect (on the PC!) in the beginning of the 90’s, over Doom (I couldn’t believe it when I first played it after I finally could play it on a friend’s big and fast machine) to Quake, the real thing in real 3D. And he always donated the source code to the public after a few years had passed by.

So in essence I really do hope that he will build spaceships only 2 days a week (max!) and will continue eating pizza and cranking out cool engine code on all other days.

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