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No Doubt Releases Title Track to Push and Shove as a Second Single

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Anaheim ’90s ska and rock band No Doubt is making a comeback this fall. After an 11-year hiatus, their most recent music video “Settle Down” – where lead singer Gwen Stefani flaunts her L’Oreal Infallible lipstick endorsement and drummer Adrian Young sports a glowing Ethiopian color-block drum set – proves that the band intends on emerging back on the music scene with a bang. After releasing their first single from their sixth album Push and Shove, the California band reunited to create a second music video to heighten the attention of their return.

At midnight of September 25, No Doubt released the music video for their second single, which they named after the album. They were released on the same day. “Push and Shove” featuring dancehall artists Busy Signal and Major Lazer was produced by Mark “Spike” Stent, a well-known British producer who has worked with many successful artists such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga and even Madonna.

This time around, Gwen Stefani didn’t need to apply lip gloss for the world to view her as a beauty girl. Director Sophie Muller captured Stefani’s two sides perfectly. In one scene, Stefani wears heavy tribal bracelets and tousles her platinum blonde hair with short, checker painted nails. The black and white video also catches her in scenes reminiscent to her old tomboyish ways where she sports a black tank, black head band and head-nodding with the guys.

The video has a good vibes, good time aura. Scenes of air hockey, limo jam sessions and street walking depict the new found camaraderie between the band and a continual passion in the many influences of their music. Over the course of their career, No Doubt’s sound has been experimental with many different sounds from their garage band jazz rock sound in genesis songs like “Trapped in a Box,” to heavy reggae, Bob Marley-inspired songs such as “Underneath It All.” Despite the way their music diversifies, they feel as if their ’80s punk roots remain a constant in their music.

“Even if we try to listen to new stuff, we always go back to the stuff that we grew up on. That’s the stuff that has that emotional tie,” said bassist Tony Kanal in an interview with Fuse.

No Doubt has evolved from their ’90s sound in a worldly, experimental sort of way. Their new single “Push and Shove” celebrates their ability to apply a combination of their rock, ska, reggae, new wave, and punk genres so casually. Stefanie’s unsteady relationship with husband Gavin Rossdale, along with studio sessions in Jamaica has provided tons of intensity as well as tranquil rock steady island material to their new sound. Their new festive ska anthem plays a happy walking upbeat guitar rhythm, with bubble gum lyrics like, “Put a smile on your face like it’s payday,” and “Livin’ La Vida Loca” hidden in an imitation reggae accent. There’s not a better way than bass ridden reggae rhythms and distorted guitars to say they’re back.

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