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I don’t believe “wardrobe malfunction” is the true story behind the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Exhibit A – MTV promises “shocking moments” in the halftime show. (While MTV has since taken down that claim, drudge had the Google cache on their site to prove that it had been said.)

Exhibit B – the song lyric fits the crime. “I’ll have you naked by the end of this song.”

Exhibit C – and to me the most damning: neither Janet nor Justin registered any shock or surprise that her bra had come off! I would think if the wardrobe had malfunctioned in such a humiliating way as to bare something you wouldn’t normally bare in public–and weren’t planning to bare–you might, I don’t know, seek to cover yourself? Or the person singing with you might loan you his jacket?

Exhibit D – Would Janet really have been wearing a nipple cap if she hadn’t expected everyone to see it?

On another note, they seemed to have gotten exactly what they wanted: a lot of buzz. Which has helped to obscure the fact that the halftime show really wasn’t very good.

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  • Abba Dabba

    It is my job as a parent to screen what my 7-year-old watches. She is in the “naughty sponge” phase of her young life, soaking up any and all words of color or images she should not be seeing, and me having to explain to her what is ladylike or not. Well thank you Ms. Jackson for making yourself the example du jour! I was surprised to see what happened at the end of the duet, and immediately scrambled to my feet (I was at the neighbor’s house) and ran back to my living room where the discussion was in full bloom between my daughter and her step-dad. Oh was he doing the squirmy dance!
    Luckily, after she returned from brushing her teeth, she was more focused on Beyonce’s National Anthem critique than the shock and aw of Janet and Justin’s display of boudoir animation.
    I think very little of the two celebrities, and what they thought would be a great publicity stunt. Then again, they are not parents and don’t care what kind of values they bring to the public table to see. I am proud that my daughter seems to know the difference between true talent and how “wardrobe malfunctions” can easily be avoided by a better seamstress. A message for Ms. Jackson, “Give Mrs. Knowles a call, I’m sure she’ll sew you a lovely gown for your Grammy performance that will not fall apart.” A message for Mr. Timberlake, “you are acting just like Brittany.”


  • the “naughty sponge”…

    so that’s what happened to me!!!

  • non

    that was no “wardrobe malfunction” it was prupusly done because she is just like her brother nasty

  • N. King

    so you think Mrs. Knowles has good taste on gowns that wont fall off? I guess you rather your “naughty spongue” watches Beyonce’s semi-clothed videos… beautiful blog from the suburbia mother, keep them coming.

  • They both looked surprised, Jackson particularly. (See picture on my blog entry.) She says there was supposed to be a reveal of her red bra or chemise, but not the bare breast. As for people being outraged, TiVo reports they are swamping their capacity, playing the two-second scene over and over again. It seems strange that people are so eager to see something that offends them.

    This is also a posting test. I’ve been getting a blank comments area, double posts in one instance and a php error message most often. Seems the site is overwhelmed again.