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No. 9 Louisville Cardinals Swallowed Whole By Kentucky Wildcats

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There was an interesting story in Sports Illustrated this week about how Kentucky and Louisville had moved the rivalry game away from the first week of the season, because under coach Rich Brooks, the Wildcats kept getting their butts handed to them, and Brooks didn't want that happening on opening weekend. Maybe now he'll change his mind after knocking off the 9th-ranked Cardinals 40-34.

This looked like a stunner early on, as Kentucky jumped out to a 19-7 lead over 9th-ranked Louisville early in the second quarter. Louisville immediately fired back with a 100-yard kickoff return on the very next play, and before Kentucky knew what was going on, they were trailing 21-19 going into the second half.

The teams settled into the offensive bonanza that was expected in the second half, with the two teams trading scoring drives, and it looked a lot like the team that got the ball last would wind up the winner.

It was seemingly all about the Cardinals when they took possession with six and a half minutes left, and everyone thought the clock would run down and the game would be theirs with one last score. Then the strangest thing happened – Kentucky's secondary turned to Swiss cheese, and all of a sudden Louisville had the lead, but there were still almost two minutes left.

Kentucky had a chance, and they ran with it. Well, not literally, they almost exclusively passed the ball (since that's what you do when you're down at the last minute). Louisville gave them some hope by playing a bend-don't-break zone, but the 'Cats still found themselves with second-and-nine from the Louisville 42 yard line and only 39 seconds left.

Then the clock seemed to begin striking midnight, as Kentucky was called for a personal foul and suddenly found themselves with a second-and-24 at their own 43 yard line. Cinderella had met her match.

Andre Woodson, Kentucky's superstar QB, had other ideas. Before you knew what went down, there was the ball, 57 yards down field, in the hands of Steve Johnson for a touchdown and a 40-34 lead.

Louisville still had a shot, and Brian Brohm connected on a Hail Mary pass as time ran out, but receiver Harry Douglas was tackled at the Kentucky 11 yard line, and bedlam ensued in the Wildcats' home stadium.

This is bad loss for Louisville and a big blow to their BCS hopes, but they'll rebound quickly since Syracuse is next on their schedule. Andre Woodson and his streak of 257 pass attempts without an interception will hope to ride this sudden and huge momentum swell into Arkansas next week.

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