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Nixon Forever?

Today the San Francisco Chronicle, through its SFGate website, breaks a major new story:

In 1996, Nixon said Reagan’s economic policies were unduly harsh and cautioned against giving him too much credit for winning the Cold War. “Communism would have collapsed anyway,” he told Monica Crowley, a Nixon aide in his last years, according to her book, “Nixon Off the Record.”

Indeed, anything that Richard Nixon said in 1996 qualifies as major news. That’s because if the announcements and funeral were reliable indicators, President Nixon died in 1994.

SFGate was so busy gloating about Nixon’s negative assessment of Reagan in 1972 (did he have anything positive to say about anyone in 1972?) and implying that Iran-Contra was as bad as Watergate that they missed the significance of Nixon checking in from the hereafter to analyze Reagan’s economic and foreign policies.

Originally appeared at Molotov Cocktail Frank.

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  • NOTE: they have rewritten the story, apparently in an effort to perpetuate the illusion that Nixon is not in fact immortal.

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