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Nirvana’s First For Sale

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Happy v-day (a little early, perhaps)… Here’s what to get your favorite Nirvana fan: a copy of the band’s first release on Sub Pop, the Love Buzz/Big Cheese 45, is on ebay right now for the bargain price of $521.87. One thousand of these were pressed and they were hand numbered. Collectors, get your credit cards handy – it gets better. This copy is owned by Chad Channing’s (one of Nirvana’s early drummers) parents. He will sign it before shipping.

PS: the reserve price has not been met. Keep the bidding up!

NIRVANA – Love Buzz/Big Cheese + Autograph 45

addendum 2/15: ok, i’m an idiot. the auction ended on February 1st. never mind. but isn’t that quite a high price for the reserve to still not be met?

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