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Nipplegate II: WWE’s “Live Sex Act” Shows Nudity

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For over twelve years, Vince McMahon’s Monday Night Raw held nothing back for fear of controversy. From the live birth of a rubber hand by an 80+ year old woman (don’t ask), sex with a dead woman in a casket, and a little transsexual action in the bathroom, rest assured cable decency is the last thing on Vince’s mind. Fans love it, and tonight, they got a real piece of what will undoubtedly be uncontrolled outrage and controversy: Live TV sex.

For the most part, this five-minute segment between new WWE Champion Edge and his girlfriend Lita was un-involving. All of the major “action” was done under cover. However, after Lita removed her bra, the in-ring cameraman made a move around the bed to reveal the unthinkable:

An actual female nipple peeking from underneath the covers on cable TV.

It was obvious the crew knew that was a mistake and the black screen that followed proves it. The commentary crew quickly made sure to use the “It’s live TV” excuse. The actual nudity occurred on screen for less than a second, and if you weren’t watching closely, you likely missed it. It’s quite similar to the Super Bowl moment a few years ago involving Janet Jackson, only Lita’s nipple was uncovered.

What will follow will surely be claims of moral outrage from various “parental” groups. They’ll tell people how offended they were by it, and urge them to call the FCC, even if they didn’t watch. It’s likely to become another sign of “moral decline” within their numbers, while everyone else sits idly by wondering what the problem was.

So, to clear the air now: It’s a nipple. No one was hurt, no one died, and it didn’t damage anyone (especially not the fans in attendance who had cameras flashing quicker than a strobe light). If you were watching WWE programming and found yourself shocked, then you probably should know better than to watch WWE programming in the first place. It’s what they do best, and here’s hoping they prey on every little piece of this potentially absurd controversy for their benefit.

Pictures removed at the request of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Due to a stern letter from the WWE’s legal department, the two pictures we posted to accompany this article were taken down. It’s obvious they’re going to try to cover this up (pun intended) as much as possible, though that’s odd given how the company thrives on controversy.

Also interesting is how other sections of the world handled the broadcast. In the UK, the scene aired uncut, and the “slip” was far more apparent and obvious. In Canada, the camera cut to a long shot of the crowd until Ric Flair came to the ring to disrupt the situation.

Still, it’s hard to imagine why they weren’t prepared for such a planned segment, or why they even let Lita take off her top in the first place. That’s the type of logic that makes the entire thing look and feel staged, even if it was fairly obvious regardless. There was an extra set of clothes in the bed, which Lita quickly slipped on before John Cena came down to the ring and pulled her out from under the covers.

The entire scenario screams publicity stunt because of the way it played out, and why the lawyers even bothered (given how many countless other forums have pictures and video readily available) doesn’t make much sense either.

Maybe we should be flattered that they care.

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  • “(especially not the fans in attendance who had cameras flashing quicker than a strobe light)”

    Fun stuff…

  • We’ve followed Nipplegate with much interest from here in Europe, and are eagerly awaiting the first “Nipple Trauma” law suit. It’s bad enough seeing people in hospitals dying from alcohol and tobacco related illness, and expect the first self-help groups any time now. At least traumatised individuals can calm their nerves with a cigarette and wiskey.

  • This is just what the WWE needs. They have been aching for some press for awhile now, I am sure.

  • derf

    Without pictures, this article is useless

  • Linc654

    This article worthless without pics – okay, maybe not useless but greatly devalued.

  • Joe

    Nothing will happen. This was on cable TV, no? There are no FCC regulations for a pay service. Most cable channels self-regulate so they can get more sponsers.

  • Webbster

    …and it was on cable tv so who give a fark.

  • mia

    I recorded it. I was gonna watch it this morning but the bus came too soon. But surprisingly i did see the end with john cena attack edge. Yay!
    As for Lita she is a slute.

  • These stories are always awesome because the hippies instantly freak out about what other countries do. I have 900 channels on my DirecTV, and anything goes on 895 of them, but the hippies won’t be happy until they get to see a donkey banging a midget on CBS at 8:00.

  • It is worth noting that the first picture in the article didn’t actually appear on US cable TV, but only on the satellite feed, which remained un-blacked-out. In case the hippies care.

  • Bill

    And I imagine the neo-cons won’t be happy until your 900 channels have nothing but religious freaks blaming natural disasters and terrorist attacks on people who don’t want a God that isn’t theirs crammed down their throats at every turn. Beauty of the TV is it has an off button. If you don’t want to see that donkey banging a midget then you don’t have to. If it was up to people like you nobody would have a choice except the people who pay to have God in their lives.

  • Jorge

    The showing of a bear female breast is worthy of a blog post. There’s a fatwa in some highly advanced muslim state that says a married, that is two people legally wed, cannot see each other completely naked or it annuls the marriage…

    This bespeaks such fear of life, such anal existential angst that the only course of action justified is many years of intensive counselling.
    In the mean time people are dying because they are bombed with white phospor ammunition. The regrettable cost of war. But anything to do with sex? Call the cops, we’re being morally assaulted.

    Is it just me and my value system that’s out of kilter or is this world populated with sick perverts?

  • You got to be kidding. Even with a magnifing glass, i don’t see anything. My eyeballs hurt from the strain.

  • evadnikufesin

    Uh, dude… I hate to burst your bubble but this here is what ya call a “non starter”. That “nipple” is almost impossible to distinguish from a “pasty”.

    Either way.. I don’t bother wasting my time watching WWE, and neither should you, bud…

  • …and it was on cable tv so who give a fark.

    Sadly, a lot of people. It’s always funny to check the Parents Telivision Councils website to see what they find, and all the links to tell sponsors how offended you are by advertising for the program in question (even if you didn’t see the program to begin with).

  • blah

    Well, use it against them! Follow the Parents Television Council’s links and go to the sponsors and THANK them. Weite HAPPY letters to the FCC instead!

    Fight back against these right wing assholes!

  • If WWE wants controversy, let’s point out that the group has yet to implement the drug and medical testing program that it promised seven weeks ago.

  • Speaking of Fark… BC has been farked LOL 😀

  • grimcat

    411mania.com had some better shots up in thier forum that were linked to photobucket. It does look like she had a pasty of some sort on.

    And as far as the photo removal, WWE is overly protective of the people they own *did I say that outloud?* hence the lack of any fansites anymore.

  • Y2Jericho
  • who

    i like lita boob

  • No one will complain. It’s not a family show (anymore), it’s on cable, and it was on near 11pm. The only publicity that will come out of this is the current publicity that states “something might come out of this”. It’s the WWE not the NFL.

  • JasonV

    That was a huge boob! Nice implants 🙂

  • Matt Hardy says: “Ehh, been there done that.”

  • desiree

    i was at hershey when this happened…and saw her whole boob…it looked sooo fake. i also recorded raw, and my dad wanted to see if they edited it out, they did but if u pause it at the right part u can see her nipple, just for all the guys out there who want to look

  • T-Bone

    This actually happened years ago as well with a female wrestler named Jazz, she was pretty manly though so maybe people were too confused to be outraged.

  • Crimson Ghost

    Oh no! Not a nipple!
    It has warped my fragile little mind!
    The news will replay a murder on film over and over, ad infinitum, no-one says a damn thing, but a tittie?
    Release the Kraken!!!

  • Zookelif

    Now thats one thing I dont understand and I more then likely never will. thats is how shows like CSI, forensic files and shows like that can show bloody corpses, or bodies getting opened up, or human/animal origans with out and consaquences but when the t.v. shows a little bit of nudity its the end of the world. besides what wwe did wasent so damn bad they showed the nipple slip for a few seconds and before the WHOLE TIT yes that right i shuddered to think about the whole tit popping out they went to a black screen which was real lame but oh well its not like I cant find the whole damn thing in the net anyway.
    zookelif out


    It is NOT like they haven’t seen worse elsewhere.

    What the heck is wrong with America. Why the #$%@ is sex and nudity still so taboo? Why is this even a hot topic. I know, don’t answer that.

  • Testme

    Trying to equate this with the Janet Jackson episode is pathetic. I have young kids. I don’t let them watch WWE, or WWWhatever – so my concern over an exposed nipple on those shows is exactly zero. They can have sex with goats, for all I care (perhaps they do). However, there’s always been an expectation of a certain level of family-friendliness for the Super Bowl, along with its half-time show. That level has been dropping for years, and the “wardrobe malfunction” qualified as a dive off the cliff. So don’t try to paint those of us who are concerned about what our children see as irrational neanderthals. Your level of thinking on the subject is plainly shallow.

  • Yes, you’re right Test. I mean, the horror of a child seeing a covered breast on a field of 22 men wearing tights grinding against each other, bashing each other in the head with helmets, slapping their asses, and and screaming all kinds of profanity on the field.

    Makes perfect family viewing.

  • I still haven’t heard anything from the Outraged Department. The only sources covering this from Google News are wrestling-themed publications and websites.

    This may have been a pre-emptive strike for naught. Kinda reminds me of Stewie writing a dirty word on the wall (“POPPYCOCK”) and demanding to be punished for it.

  • It’s amazing that Americans can get bent out of shape by a simple nipple – imagine how’d you’d be if you saw a whole bare breast. Canadians have been seeing bare nipples, breasts and other regions for years now with no damage to public morality decency or even complaint to regulatory bodies. I for one don’t get why being south of the 49th parallel suddenly makes on a prude.

  • mamasan

    “Oh no! Not a nipple!
    It has warped my fragile little mind!
    The news will replay a murder on film over and over, ad infinitum, no-one says a damn thing, but a tittie?
    Release the Kraken!!!”

    That made me giggle!

    You’ll see worse things taking a downtown stroll on a Saturday night.

    Who really cares anymore? They’re not even hers.

  • I’ll ask it again, because people still seem to be parodying outrage that isn’t there.

    Has anyone seen anything remotely resembling a press release of disapproval or a new story with quotes from upset viewers?

  • Matt:

    You said:

    “It’s a nipple. No one was hurt, no one died, and it didn’t damage anyone…”

    Well, that’s just sheer luck, Matt! A stray nipple–you could put someone’s eye out with that thing!

  • BBK Hillbily

    Too bad Edge isn’t dating Trish…..


    Just when you thought that Mcmahon had done everything in wrestling.

    Wonder what’s next?

  • Matt, consider yourself tagged for Picks of the Week.

    I’m still trying to figure out what sex has to do with wrestling (aside from hype) and why it should be so shocking that nipples would make an appearance during sex.

    Maybe this will change the way we sched…..aww, forget it. Who am I kidding? It’ll never change.

  • Oh, the horror. Unbelievable, the response.

  • bob

    ya were the hell can u see it at if u miss it god

  • Bliffle

    Yawn. I saw nipples on broadcast TV in the 1960s. Those of the lovely Valerie Perrine, no less, in a Bill Bixby TV play called “Steambath”. Full noodle frontity, as archie would say.

    See what you miss by not watching PBS?

  • #36

    New memoir title
    Running with nipples!

  • Alannah–Lita Fan

    dont be talking about stuff like this it wasnt litas fault

  • bob

    ya that dont aswner my question

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  • Would have loved to see the pictures. Wonder if the WWE will use in some sort of pay-per-view way?

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  • The Time of Toast!!!

    The whole entire fark thing is hilarious.

    And yes if you really wanna know about the only true fact to the tit thing is one word: MONEY!

  • lennie

    It is no good having no pictures because some people like me did not get to see it because lita is the best and I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HER BECAUSE SHE IS SO HOT i LOVE LITA!!!!

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    Oh God. Another George W. Bush lover.

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