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Nintendogs Dalmatians Out This Summer in Europe

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The puppy population explosion is about to become even more rampant as Nintendo gears up to release its Nintendogs Dalmatian & Friends Edition in Europe on June 16. The amazingly popular Nintendogs has sold over 6 million copies worldwide and it’s expected the Dalmatian title will be a hit, too.

This new title in the series will give gamers a choice of six breeds initially with an ability to unlock 14 more. Players will purchase their puppy and be responsible for feeding it, walking it, cleaning it and more. When the puppy’s trained, it can take part in shows and other competitions.

Gamers can even show off their puppies by using the handheld’s Wi-Fi connection in “bark mode.”

The franchise’s popularity is incredible with kids (and some adults, too) all over the world scrambling to raise and train their dogs for competitions and for just showing off to their friends.

The title will retail for €29.99 when it arrives in stores. The North American release date is unclear.

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  • this is the dumbest thing i ever heard of.this game is pretty dumb unless you are a girl or a twelve year old boy

  • well i guess i am a twelve year old boy then. I sure have some pretty high college bills for a twelve year old though!

    the game is great. it has a much larger audience than you think.

  • sounds fun i would much rather take care of a virtual puppy,that sounds much better than having a real job, but i guess you play the sims in college to.