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Nintendo Wii Review: Wipeout The Game

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I have not spent much time watching the television show Wipeout, but I thought a Wii game based on it might be kind of fun. In the Wii game characters must go through impossible obstacle courses just like on the show. There are huge muddy rubber balls, falling platforms, a huge sweeper, and “Sucker Punch” just to name a few of the 50+ obstacles in the game. Up to four players can choose from a variety of characters in different weight classes. Single players play against three other game controlled characters. Every time a level is completed new characters are added to the game.

I found this game very frustrating. The characters are very difficult to control. Characters are controlled with the toggle on the nunchuck and the A and B buttons on the regular controller. Press A to jump and B to crouch. The nunchuck toggle was very ineffective. It’s very difficult to make the character walk in a straight line, and with some narrow obstacles it meant frequent “wipeouts.” I rarely could make my character jump high enough or far enough to navigate over the “big balls” or the falling platforms. Basically I wiped out on nearly every obstacle because I could not make my character do what I needed it to do. No matter how many obstacles you wipe out on you are sent through each stage of the obstacle course. There are three stages and then a final obstacle that determines the winner of the “show.”

The game can either be played in show mode or challenge mode. Show mode takes the characters through each stage as if they are participating in an actual episode of the TV show. That mode includes the voices and “likenesses” of the real commentators and host. The challenge mode allows you to practice the obstacles without going through the entire show. Unfortunately you can’t pick specific obstacles to practice and you must complete an obstacle before challenge mode will let you move on to another one.

The graphics of the game are adequate. They are not spectacular, but they are more detailed than Wii Resort or Wii Sports. One positive to the show mode game play is that it is easy to bypass the other characters if you are playing as a single player. When the other characters take their turns you can either try to throw balls at them to knock them off the obstacle or you can simply press A and the game will skip to the next turn. You can also use this function to bypass the instant replays, which is nice because those replays can become quite tedious and annoying when you are wiping out on every obstacle.

Overall I found this game to be more frustrating than fun. I was hoping the Wii technology would be put to better use given all the activity of the obstacle courses. Instead this game could be played by sitting on the couch barely moving. The controllers do not maneuver the characters very well, and the only motion required is shaking the controller to regain balance if your character falls or is knocked down. I would only recommend this game to people who are fans of the show.

Wipeout The Game is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Comic Mischief and Mild Cartoon Violence. This game can also be found on: Nintendo DS.

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