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Nintendo Wii Review: Namco Museum Megamix

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Namco Museum Megamix for Wii is an expanded version of the previously released NAMCO Museum Remix. The Megamix version is disappointedly similar to the original Remix version. There are only a few new games to this collection. The Megamix box says there are 24 games compared to 14 on the Remix; however, most of these are little mini-games that don’t add all that much to the collection. The Museum Megamix itself is a mixed bag of some really cool games and some that are pretty lame.

Players begin the game on an interactive menu, called the Hub-World, where Pac-Man gets from section to section by eating Pac-Dots. All of the games are divided into different sections according to what type of game they are. Namco Museum Megamix is a collection of original games and remixed versions of classic games. The Megamix adds one new remixed game to the five already on the Remix. In addition to the previously released remixes of Pac ‘n Roll, Pac-Motos, Rally-X, Galaga, and Gator Panic, we get a remix of Grobda. The remixed versions are meant to make them more suitable for the Wii hardware.

The best of the remixes are the Pac ‘n Roll and Galaga. Galaga was my personal favorite. In that one Pac-Man rolls through long chutes, shooting at all the bugs. This game has tons of levels and is very challenging. Pac ‘n Roll, which was a Nintendo DS game, is a fun adventure game. Grobda has Pac-Man driving a tank around trying to shoot enemies before they shoot him. Rally-X is a driving game that is very frustrating because the Wii controller is just not suited for it. It’s nearly impossible to steer the way you want to. Gator Panic is also a dud. It might be fun for younger kids, but all you basically do is whack alligators on the head as they pop out at you.

As far as the arcade games go, it’s fun to see classic versions of Dig-Dug, Galaga, Grobda, and Xevious. There are several classic Pac-Man games including, Super Pac-Man, Pac-Mania, and Pac & Pal. There are several arcade games I had never heard of like Bosconian and King & Balloon. I found the Wii controller to be difficult to use in a lot of the games. It was hard to move with precision, which made games like Pac-Man, and Pac ‘n Roll frustrating. Having already played the Remix collection, this Megamix collection was a disappointment. I didn’t find enough new stuff to make this one worthwhile. Overall, there are a few fun games, but this is not an overwhelmingly fun collection. I would only recommend this if you don’t already have the Remix collection and are a fan of classic arcade games.

Namco Museum Megamix is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Mild Cartoon Violence.

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