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Nintendo Wii Review: My Baby First Steps

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I have two daughters, one is five going on six and the other three. As with many little girls, they are very much into baby dolls and pretending that they are the dolls' mommies. I know that I'm quite a bit away from that happening, but in the meantime, we have the game My Baby First Steps to tide them over.

My Baby First Steps follows a very interesting theme for a game — bringing up a baby and helping the baby learn all the things they need to learn. In the simulation, the player has a nurse called Clara who helps the player with the baby. The pediatrician, Dr. George, gives advice as well.  The game also features different rooms in the house which provides the background for the different tasks.

With this game, the player takes care of the baby from when he/she is an infant all the way to their third birthday. The babies have to be helped with standing, walking, eating, climbing, and talking, all of which bring a whole different level of interaction. Luckily, the game is saved with each different function or each time one changes locations.

At the outset, the player gets to pick whether they want to play as the mom or dad.  After that, one gets to customize the baby to some extent.  There are a wide range of ethnicities to choose from, including East Asian, Caucasian, South Asian, Mediterranean, African, North African, and Hispanic. There are also plenty of different languages to select from as well.  Instantly one will note that the game is sending a good message about diversity.

The game instantly becomes engaging, starting the player of immediately with a floor-centered vantage point. The baby can't walk first thing, but that doesn't stop the player from being able to pick them up from under their arms and helping them stand.

The levels are divided into development groups — standing, walking, saying words, running, climbing, more words, and so on until the baby is two-and-a-half years old.  There is a cool progress book that contains all the information about the baby's progress and exercises.  If the player neglects their baby, they starts to cry. However, there are ways to soothe the baby's emotions.

Feeding the baby is fun — the player has to spoon feed them, and just as in the real world, the baby may want to try doing it on their own. Dressing is also an interesting process  There is a Grandma in the game who, like many an actual grandmother, will reward the player with baby clothes, and will provide more clothes if they get sent photographs of their grandchild.

This game is as close to doing the real thing as possible. There are a slew of little details that pull in the reality factor, including baby gates guarding the stairs, toys strewn on the floor, realistic sounds, etc. The graphics overall are decent as well. One can tell there was a lot of thought put behind the scenes, the movements, the interactions and the overall game experience. It's very well done. The best part of it all is that one can play this game with their kids and the kids totally "get it."

My Baby First Steps is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB. This game can also be found on:  Nintendo DS.

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  • Kaylea

    @Ella you have to pick up the spoon, put it in the bowl, blow it, and feed her!

  • Kaitlyn Moran

    I used to have this game for my Wii.I completed the game,and ot just rolled the credits…and didn’t let me see the baby again.So no…after you complete the game,you dont see it again.Its one of my favorite games.I’m only ten.

  • Kiki.C

    ummmmm where can you get this game for wii? and when you babe turns 3 will you every see her/him again?

  • D+M

    Mine too?!

  • Tay

    kiki, mines doing that too.

  • kiki

    My baby is 21 months old and she has reached all her goals and it wont let me go on to 22 months

  • Mop

    Ok here is the deal… yes your child has a WII or nintendo but so what!? Put them outside to play not stuck in some basement or whatever…I’m sure they could use the fresh air


    I really want to get it!!!! Should I?? Is it fun??? What do you really do???? Please explain!! XD

  • Ella

    Baby is in highchair and food is ready but spoon wont pick up food. Because she is hungry game wont let us go any further. Is this a glitch?

  • katelyn

    is this a good game for my 12 year old daughter

  • nicole

    Me and my boyfriend took turns because it took ahwile but you have to get one finger on his or hers stomach and keep pointing on it but they wont do it if there not happy

  • You know, it’s been so long since I’ve played that i forget. If I figured it out, I’ll post here.

  • tjoy

    Help! After about a 100 attempts the baby still will not say “tummy.” Are we doing something wrong?

  • You know, I just haven’t gotten that far, but it is pretty slow moving.

  • nicole

    So after you raise this one until their three you cant have that one and another one at the sametime????….
    I feel the game is a little slow if you have to raise that baby until there three and then start all over again with a new kid.

  • Nicole…your responsibility is that one child. I don’t think you can raise two kids at once. However, I just got far enough to do this review. Still playing and figuring things out. It’s worth checking out.

  • nicole

    After the baby turns three can you have that baby and a new baby at the same time????

  • Nice review. Very informational. Want to get this game for my two daughters (4 and 1 1/2). Looks like a fun simulator.