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Nintendo Wii Review: Karaoke Revolution: Glee

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Bonafide phenomenon Glee has hit home with the release of Karaoke Revolution: Glee. You can sing along with New Directions to your favorite songs from the mega hit show.

Well, you can assuming your favorite song made it on the measly 30-track list.

I’m a gleek, okay? I’ll admit it. I love the show, I love the songs, and I love these music games. Well I love Rock Band. I don’t have much experience with Karaoke Revolution games, at least not before the Glee version.

Basically however, this game should be an exact fit for me.  I should eat this thing up, right? Well, I didn’t. In fact, I found it pretty boring after a while. And by “a while” I mean about 45 minutes.

The problems start with the track list. It’s missing some key songs like Safety Dance, Take a Bow, Total Eclipse of the Heart, and all of Lady Gaga (including the excellent version of Poker Face) and Madonna (the extremely shortened version of Papa Don’t Preach is included but that’s it). Also missing are songs sung by guest stars like Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, and Jonathan Groff. This might seem like a small issue, but in truth with the extremely limited capabilities the Wii has for DLC it really hurts the replayability of the game. Once you get through the songs why would you go back?

This lack of songs also means that they get repeated for each character. See, the menu has a setup where you can select your favorite character and sing their songs. Except, a lot of the songs are sung by most of the cast so these sections often have repeated songs.

In case it’s not clear, I really found myself disappointed by the song list and the lack of variety.

Essentially, the game is hurt by the limitations of the Wii system. The Wii can’t do HD (and the graphics are poor in general) and there’s the Wii’s lack of storage as well. The game looks really bad on my HDTV, a problem which I am sure many Wii fans are more than familiar with.

There are also the extremely annoying sound effects and noise meter mechanics. As you sing, you fill up the Glee meter. Once it’s full, you hear “Glee!” shouted out. This as well as the ridiculous noise meter (there is crowd noise when you’re singing well) sucks you right out of the song. Who wants to start screaming during “Imagine” for crying out loud?  Whether or not Karaoke Revolution has the noise meter in general, it would be better if it were left out of this title.

What about the positives? Well, it is fun for a while and it is extremely easy. While playing, it seemed like I could stay in tune no matter my pitch. Maybe it was too loud and the game track was overpowering my vocals? I dunno, it just seemed pretty easy. The video footage is a nice touch and it makes it feel like Glee for sure, if only for the short time you can enjoy playing it.

To be honest, the annoying sound effects and poor song selection really steal the thunder from what should have been a great experience for Glee fans. If you are okay with a limited song selection (and don’t except any theater type songs either—they are, for the most part, woefully absent) or just need a major Glee fix between episodes then pick this up.

For me, this was a major missed opportunity that feels just plain lazy. You could have more fun singing along to your Glee CDs. CDs, who am I kidding, I meant iPod.

Karaoke Revolution: Glee is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Lyrics and Suggested Themes.

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  • Gleek_girl

    Good review, I had some of the same issues with this game. Only one or two of the songs I really liked made it onto the game’s songlist. I also didn’t really see the use of the awards they give out in Scrapbook mode. Unless they somehow unlocked hidden songs…which they didn’t =(

    Overall, this game’s a bittersweet experience that I will probably use whenever I need to blow off steam.

  • Francisco

    Rock Band 3 HAS DLC support (one of the few games with DLC support on Wii). You can download it to the internal hard drive or SD (SD is the recommended option, for obvious reason).
    I feel the same great experience playing Rock Band 3 on the Wii and the 360. The only, ONLY difference are the visuals, But is really important take care about it? :/

  • Garon

    except DLC and good graphics. The wii is a fun system but it’s a gimmicky one. Not a hard core system by any means and not the best system to play games like Rock Band on. Not at all.

  • Francisco

    Wii hasn’t really limited capabilities. Just look Rock Band 3 on Wii, which has the SAME things as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
    The one with limited capabilities are the developers who don’t give a minimal care about the system.

  • Gavin

    Think Its designed for 16 and under..there the reviews with any relevance.

  • Garon


    You might want to pick up the Rock Band 2 special edition along with RB3 and the keyboard. That way you get all the songs on RB2 plus the instruments (drums, guitar and mic) and with RB3 you can get the new game and the keyboard. The other option is to pick up the game and instruments individually.

    Currently, Rock Band 3 only comes with the Keyboard.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  • patanswer

    I need help finding a WII program that kids 13 to 20 can have fun with together. They want a singing program, and also thought rock band 3 looked good. what hardware do we need to sing along with rockband 3? Is it possible? how do people like the other instruments? any other ideas/ THANKS…christmas is coming

  • Garon

    I have the component cables. It’s still a sub par picture. It’s just a major drawback of the system.

  • xfb

    If your wii looks crap on your hdtv you probably need a new lead. Wii Component Cable gives much, much better picture.