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Nintendo Wii Review: Just Dance

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Developers for every platform should recognize that Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) has set the standard for dance games, just as Guitar Hero and Rock Band define the genre of music simulation games. So when I slipped the Just Dance disc into my Wii, when I saw there was no integration with my dance pad, that it used only a Wiimote (not even a nunchuk?), I was skeptical.

My worries were hardly quieted by the bare bones packaging, for while we've all been told not to judge a game by its cover, it's pretty much globally accepted that we all do anyway. I am wary of any game that hasn't invested a minimum of effort into appearances. For me, this was at the very least another hurdle for the game to overcome, and without the aid of Wii-accessories, it's hard to believe it could make such a giant leap.

I won't say it cleared the hurdle, but it didn't quite fall flat on its face either.

Just Dance is not a competitor for DDR or similar games. This is a dance simulation in title only. A far better classification puts Just Dance in the same playing field as workout videos. While there is some attempt at skill requirements, of racing to match the moves of the on-screen character, the greater use of the game seems to be to get players moving, sweating, and in my case, wheezing for my inhaler.

My measure of a good workout is how quickly it gives me an asthma attack, and this title clocks in at an admirable two-and-a-half minutes. The measure of a good game on the other hand, is, at least for the Wii, enjoyment, and Just Dance shattered my expectations by being far more enjoyable than DDR.

The music is an unapologetic mash-up of fast-paced hits as incongruous as “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “Who Let the Dogs Out.” They are the type of songs that you don't have to admit you like to enjoy dancing along to. Consequently, it beats out the first DDR Hottest Party release, which is made up of remixes in an R&B dance club style, a style that I happen to detest. There may be 50 songs on the DDR disk (still not enough to my mind), but there are only a handful I can stomach, which limited my desire to play, particularly since half of them seem to be inexplicably slow. Just Dance songs are easily recognizable, and even if I don't especially like each one (or any), none are so excruciatingly painful that they detract from the gameplay.  In fact, all of them are lively and fun to spaz to. Adding to the fun factor, the game gives lyrics along the top of the screen, so if I ever manage to catch my breath (unlikely) I could sing along, assuming I'm completely alone in the house. This is exactly the kind of fun you hope no one ever puts on YouTube. From an athletic point of view, the player is given an option of long or short versions before each song, which is a nice shortcut for the desperately out of shape, though it would be better if this choice could be pre-set in the options rather than interrupting gameplay. The biggest problem with music in Just Dance is simply the small number of tracks. The “more than” 30 songs featured will quickly get old, which could well cut off pleasure more quickly than any of the game's other shortcomings.

The other main difference between Just Dance and DDR, and the reason I define it as a gamed-up workout video, is play style. DDR closely resembles the interface of Guitar Hero, with symbols telling you where to step (or which key to press). DDR requires quite a lot of practice before you can really get into it, with the hand motions suggested seeming to be half-assed add-ons of no real value, at least on “easy” which is all I've ever managed to play. It is clearly a skill based game, and I simply don't have any.

Just Dance, with no peripherals, cannot and does not use any such intricacies. Instead it uses the Wiimote to judge how well you mirror the movements of the on-screen figure. Since I have the dance skills of an injured walrus, I can't say how accurate the read the game gets is, but honestly it seems pretty random. If you want to show your moves, go get DDR. I was able to enjoy myself playing Just Dance in spite of my 30% success rate. I have no doubt that DDR veterans would find Just Dance either painfully easy, or horribly calibrated, but ignore them. They can take their fancy freestyling expert moves to DDR3, and good riddance.

Menu items are fairly straightforward, and in spite of their starkness, not visually problematic. I was also a bit tickled by the feedback sounds, which give off a changing musical tone when menu items were touched and a satisfying snapping sound when selected. The visuals during actual gameplay were dull, I think I'd like it better if they used my cartoon Mii, but that is a minor point.

I thought the lack of a dance pad would make Just Dance a bit pathetic, but it actually frees me up to flail around and exhaust myself much more effectively. It also presents one less obstacle for starting a game: sad as it might be, I often found it more effort than it was worth to unfold and plug in my dance pad, especially knowing I'd have to go and put it away again when finished. Talk about way too much work. With Just Dance, all I have to do is grab the Wiimote and turn on the TV, possibly tricking myself by pretending that I'm going to flop down and watch Family Guy right up until the music starts. It's the ideal low investment solution for someone whose horrific doctor told her to lose 10 lbs, but who really hates working out. Whatever. Why don't you lose 10 lbs, Dr. Tubby?

Just Dance also has a couple advantages over a traditional workout video. For one thing, you don't have to listen to some skinny wannabe cheerleader chirping instructions and “encouragement” at you while you huff miserably until you pull something in your back. Here, there is a simple (if somewhat boring) warm-up, and for the main gameplay, instructions come in Tetris-style preview shots, not distracting from the wildly uncoordinated booty shaking, far preferable to “and lift and lift and lift… okay!” It also actually manages to be fun and not just in that no-really-I-love-puking-up-my-lungs sense, until that is, you catch a glimpse of your lumpy sweatpanted reflection in the sliding glass door and beyond notice your horrified neighbor frozen in the act of raking his lawn.

In terms of interface, the greatest barrier to enjoyment in Just Dance is the sometimes ambiguous preview images. Though the preview on the bottom uses simple iconography to prepare you for the next dance move, arm motions are frustratingly unclear, at least until you've failed a few times.  However, this annoyance is easily ignored for me since I've long since given up hope of getting a decent score, and see no incentive to try anyway.

This is hardly a platform changing game, but since it doesn't have “revolution” in the title, I guess it doesn't have to be. There's no payoff if you do well, there are no extras, and no goals. Judge it as a dance game and it frankly stinks, but as an easy workout alternative, it's not too bad. If I could change one thing, I'd add about 100 more simple, catchy, possibly obnoxious songs to keep the game from getting too monotonous. Just Dance doesn't measure up to what we've come to expect from dance games, nor what we should expect, but it's fun and easy to pickup without much preparation. I would not buy it at full price, but if you can find it used for $15 it's probably got a better chance of getting you off the couch than that $50 per month donation to the local fitness club.

Just Dance is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Lyrics and Mild Suggestive Themes.

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  • Jeff

    If you like this game more then CoD, then please kill yourself.

  • chris

    Sorry about the asthma attack, but the games sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for a great review.

  • gian

    this guy is wrong it is not “GUITAR HERO” and “ROCKBAND” but actually a Konami’s product just like DDR and they are “GUITARFREAKS” and “DRUMMANIA” which came out in 1999, get your facts right

  • Diva

    I just purchase this off of Wal Mart webisite for $22 and I am so happy that I did!! I need to start working out and because I “use” to love to dance when I was younger, I thought this would be perfect. It is!! Toned abdomen here I come, lol.

  • Becki

    I love you Bobbi, I was about to throw the disc out the window as well until i got your fabulous directions!!! Now its 11 and me and my 11 year old can put it away!

  • Joanne

    Thank you so much for the info on how to add a second player! My daughter and I just couldn’t figure it out! (we had to resync the remotes in the Wii menu.
    Thanks again 🙂

  • Patty

    I completely agree without assessment of the game, including buying it used, but then that’s the way I feel about nearly every game. I’ve loved seeing my 3 children and DH all dancing at the same time. While it isn’t a great workout it is a fun way to workout without even thinking about it.



  • Kya

    Me and my sisters went out and bought the game “Just Dance” We have been trying to add more players to this game..but it seems unpossible..i’ve read all the comments and tried them all but is still not working;/. If any1 knows of any solutions please let me knw:) THANKS

  • Fred

    I love this game, as well as my wife.
    we are not gamers, I don’t like Mario games, I can’t play Rock Band, and I hate COD.
    but we, non-gamers also have right to play games! and we are usually the people who can decide which game a family can buy.
    I think from my point, core-gamers can understand why this game gets so low score in almost all the gamer web sites, but still beat COD off the top.
    I gave this game a score 9, and, for sure, I bought it!

  • sassy

    Thank u bobbie! i was rady 2 throw my game out the window!

  • sccoby

    how do you get more music for the game

  • Marilyn

    Loved reading your review! It was helpful and very humorous. I hope I like Just Dance as much!

  • Great review! We got this for Christmas and had a blast with it. It’s nothing fancy, but fun nonetheless. It’s perfect for families – even my four year old likes to play! Hopefully, they come up with a way to add songs.

  • Quinn

    Greatt Greaat Game! i just got this yesterday and its aVery good workout. The only problem is , is that you’ll probably have to take a lot of breaks bcus it wears you out. But Still very fun!

  • Bobbie

    okay after trying to make it work for 2 days. I finally found out that I had to resync my remotes. so if your having trouble adding players just dance Turn your wii off and unplug it from the wall for about 10 sec. then hit the red sync button under the white lid for about 15 sec. then on each remote hit the reset button under the batteries to see the lights flash and hit sync quickly once and it will number your remote repeat until you add all remotes. My works perfect now.

  • GyldenGal

    And had problems with the adding players too.
    I found out that I had to register the remotes in the Wii start up menu. After that there is no problem 🙂

  • Carcar

    I can’t add players…I have tried everything suggested…I know our remote is working because we switched to another game and it worked…any suggestions??

  • Bobbie

    I just bought the just dance I can add any addtl players someone help. we have pushed a&b and 1&2 neither options work. any suggestions….

  • Stargirl

    Eight of us (male & female 30-somethings) took turns playing this game (four people at a time) at our New Year’s party last night and it was a blast. The points system can get a bit annoying (it isn’t always obvious why one person is getting more points than another) but that was a minor detail considering the ridiculously good time we had playing the game. We had a rather uninhibited group (alcohol helps) so everyone went full out and had fun with it. If your friends are reserved and worried about embarassing themselves, this isn’t the party game for you. Also keep in mind for 4 people to play at once, you need 4 Wii remotes (have your friends bring their remotes with them). As far as I’m concerned, $40 for one night of fun is more than worth the money. The fact that my kids can have fun with it, too, is a bonus!

  • BarneyRubble

    That only works with 2 players Margot, I think this game is a con because you can’t add more than 2 players.


    Get drunk…trust me, its alot more fun 🙂

    and uhhh, is there any way to unlock more songs, they’re getting old :\

  • Claudia

    It’s OK. It is a bit embarassing cuz my friend keeps videoing me!

  • Daphne

    It is a good game. It was so worth my money!
    though it is a bit wick due 2 the fact that only four people can play together. I have seven friends, not counting me and we all wnat to play it at the same time. And it is scamming you, if u ask me because on the TV about fifty people are playing together!!

  • Margot

    Iknow how u add other people! Just hit on quick play and choose a song.Then it should come up to choose Short Version or Full Version. Then there are four squares, your icon in one of them. then get your friend to hold a remote and make them press A and B. Then their icon will apear and that will be you! Two or more people! (four maximum)

  • Alyssa

    how do you add other players? It doesn’t really tell you in the manual and I’ve tried everything! I’ve been wanting to play with friends but I can’t cause I don’t know how to

  • Ryan

    I think it’s stupid. Why do girls
    want to prance about like that? It’s cheesy.

  • kate

    OK, Abbie,I’ll try Womanizer. I have it and I’ve been on Surf’n Bird and it is stupid.

  • abbie

    I have it and it is class! I would recomend Womanizer as the first one, if your looking for a challange try Fame but if you want a good funny silly one try Surf’n Bird. A good 1970’s one is That’s The Way I Like It. Also try Hot ‘n’ Cold though it repeats every move. It is really good fun and exersise though by the time your finished, you will be soaking with sweat and so will your wii remote!!

  • Melanie

    I bought this game for my teenage daughters and it’s GREAT. It is very interactive and gives a new meaning to the word workout. Absolutely worth my $.

  • Jenna

    ‘Any good workout facilitates an asthma attack. Ours guaranteed 2.1/2 mins max’.

    An advertising strapline to die for!

  • chris

    you answered my question, thanks

  • Thanks tmel! If you get it just try to find it for half price somewhere. $40 seems steep to me.

  • tmel18

    I am interested in purchasing Just Dance for my Wii and I just wanted you to know that I found your review insightful and hilarious!