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Nintendo Wii Review: Get Up and Dance

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 Both my kids loving watching music videos. I admit that there are a few of them that really get me in the mood to dance as well. I’m not much of a going out to party kind of a girl so most of the dancing I do is done in the privacy of my own home. That way, the only ones that are going to laugh at me are the kids and possibly our three cats. Most of the time when I dance, I’m doing it as part of a workout routine. No matter how graceful I do or do not look while I dance, it’s still a great way to burn off calories.

Get Up and Dance is a Wii game that is a fun way to dance with or against family and friends. As you probably guessed, Get Up and Dance is a movement game with a dance theme. Like other dancing genre games, your movement is tracked through the use of the Wii remote. You attempt to follow the movements of the dance characters on the screen and the better you match those movements, the higher your score in the game. I really like the selection of artists included in Get Up and Dance. A few of my favorites include Taio Cruz, Gwen Stefani, and Billy Ray Cyrus.

There are two play modes in the game. You can play in single player mode or you can form your own dance group with the Let’s Party option. In the Let’s Party mode, you have four different ways to play. You can choose Team Classic where the winner is the person with the most points. You can choose Last Man Standing which is the person who manages to play the longest. In Tug of War, the best dancer wins a tug of war. Lastly, Party Mix is simply a random selection of songs to which you dance. You can also choose to play in fitness mode if your goal is to get in shape or loose weight. Thankfully, you can also set the intensity of the workout depending on the shape you’re in.

I wasn’t as impressed with the graphics in this game as I have been in other dance movement games. I think the backgrounds could have been much more interesting and that the characters don’t look at all lifelike.  However, the game is fun to play and there is a good selection of different types of music offered.

I’m not sure that the Wii remote tracks my movements as well in this game as it has in others, but whether I’m simply losing my touch or it’s a game issue is hard to tell. It is hard to follow the movements of the dancers, especially in the beginning when one is not sure what they are going to do. You do have the option to rehearse the movements before you actually play which helps a bit, but it can still be hard to follow.

I think I would probably go with another dance genre game before I choose this one but if you’re looking for something different, give it a try.

Get Up and Dance is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for lyrics, suggestive themes. This game can also be found on PS3.

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