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Nintendo Wii Review: Furu Furu Park

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The Wii has become home to a long line of third-party mini-game compilations, each more bland and generic than the next. Furu Furu Park is the latest in that line, and while it tries to be special with games based on classic Taito franchises, it’s nothing special in the end.

Furu Furu Park has several modes. Single players can play free play or challenge modes to try and get the highest score possible. Two players can play several modes. Free battle is much like single-player free play, while panel attack lets you pick form one of 16 panels, each featuring a game. Win the game and the panel turns your color. Lose, and it goes to your opponent. The person with the most panels at the end wins. It’s a somewhat fun mode, but nothing entirely new.

However, what is fun and somewhat new is Love Challenge mode, the highlight of Furu Furu Park. In this game mode, you go head-to-head with a friend and play mini-games to test your love compatibility. The closer your scores, the more compatible you are. This part is stupidly fun, perhaps more than it should be. If anything remains fun about Furu Furu Park down the line, it will be Love Challenge mode.

In the game play and controls department, Furu Furu Park struggles. Many of the mini-games feel sluggish, which impairs your ability to successfully pass a couple of the games. Each game does use the Wii remote in different ways and doesn’t require the nunchaku, but the games feel too simple.

Graphics are not their best, often looking a bit blocky or like something from the Gamecube. The soundtrack, meanwhile, is bland and generic, offering little to enjoy. Not even seeing some awesome Taito classics like Sonic Blastman and Pocky and Rocky were able to save it from mediocrity. Though I have the desire for a new Pocky and Rocky game after playing Furu Furu Park

Overall, Furu Furu Park is nothing more than a mediocre compilation of mini-games with mediocre graphics, mediocre sound and mediocre effort. It could definitely have been something a lot better, considering that Taito had licensed their franchises to Majesco for this effort, but it'll be a game you'll one day see in the bargain bins instead.

Pros: Nice to see some Taito classics in mini-game form and Love Challenge is a fun mode.

Cons: Everything else is mediocre.

Furu Furu Park is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Cartoon Violence.

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  • “Though I have the desire for a new Pocky and Rocky game”

    Check out Heavenly Guardian on the PS2. It’s an update to the franchise, if not a true sequel.