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Nintendo Wii Review: Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun

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The weather has warmed up and the snow has melted, but if you're still craving the icy winter fun, Family Party 30 Great Games Winter Games may help satisfy your desires.

D3 created Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Games a Nintendo Wii party game for up to 4 players, claiming to take family fun to the next level. With basic graphics and a decent variety between sports and entertaining games, I think this game is suitable for the general Wii user. If you are a gamer this game will bore you, but if you are new to the Wii and don't have a lot of games already Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Games is comparable to any generic Wii specific game, like Wii Play, Wii Sports and similar games.

With a long list of 30 winter games, you can try your hand at bobsledding, snowboarding, skiing, ice hockey and more. This is a game where you will not tire from the variety. I also liked how there were a good mix of classic winter games as well as fun mini games that were more like party games than versus games. I did however find that some of the versus games were a little monotonous with their judging rounds especially if you are playing with 4 players, it's a lot of playing then waiting for person #2, #3, and #4 then doing it all over again for 3 or more rounds. If you are playing with a group of people be prepared to do something while you wait for the others' turns, perhaps cheering them on, or maybe even haggling them a little bit.

Some fun things about this game are that you can choose your own player, pick from several different characters ages and dress. By earning medals during normal play you can also unlock characters, and costumes. Before each game you have the option to play the game or to see tips which give you the list of control commands to complete the task. I enjoy that the control commands are simple enough for any age Wii user to follow.

In all, I enjoyed Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun although I'm not sure it will fit everyone's Wii taste level. So, if you're a beginning Wii user this would be an appropriate game. It's affordable and will last you a good number of plays before you've touched on each game.

Family Party: 30 Great Games Winter Fun is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Comic Mischief.

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