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Nintendo Wii Review: ExerBeat

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ExerBeat for Wii is an interactive fitness game created by Namco Bandai where players work out to the beat using the Wii Remote. The game contains more than 150 fitness oriented games. All of these require the Wii Remote to play if you want to keep track of your performance. Some games also require the Wii Balance Board or Wii Motion Plus. The game allows you to play in one player or two player mode using one or two Wii remotes (one for each hand).

There are 155 different exercises in eight different categories here. Said eight categories are Hip Hop, Latin Dance, Aerobics, Stretching, Yoga/Pilates, Boxercising, Karate, and Karate Forms. The game tracks your performance by the motion of the remote or balance board and how closely you time your movements to the animated character’s movements. You achieve a better score for matching their moves and keeping up with the pace of the exercises.  As you score higher you’ll note that you’re also burning more calories.  You can track the amount of calories you’re burning after every exercise as well which is really helpful when you’re trying to work off that Snickers bar. You can also keep track of your work out time and how many points you’ve earned by keeping up with the rhythm.

The variety of the games is quite good. There is something to appeal to just about anyone whether it’s keeping up with a hip hop routine or practicing martial arts. This is also a great game for parties since there are party fitness games like swimming and dancing for the kids. You can choose to do most of the exercises without a Wii remote and the game will just not keep track of your performance.

The graphics are fairly typical for exercise games although I’d say that some of the graphics here are a bit more on the cutesy side than a guy might feel comfortable with. I really do love the colors in the game though — they’re bright, vivid, and definitely upbeat. They cuteness of the game may make this slightly more appealing to girls/teens than it would be to an adult male, but it’s certainly doable by everyone.

I really like that ExerBeat lets you either pick your own exercises for a personalized workout or have the personal trainer create a workout for you based on your preferences or needs. You can even target the workouts to specific areas of your body if you’re trying to tone one area or another. You can select as goals maintain healthy, relax, burn fat, relieve stress, or shape up when creating your workout.

None of the exercises are really difficult. In fact some (like the yoga) are actually fairly easy. I’m not sure that this is really going to provide a true workout for someone who exercises regularly. It is, however, definitely a great way to keep the kids active when they can’t go outside to play or to encourage someone who isn’t at all active to get in a little bit of activity without leaving the comfort of their television set.

ExerBeat is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB.

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