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Nintendo Wii, Game Review: Hollywood Squares

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The new Hollywood Squares for Nintendo Wii is a twist taken from the well-known televised game show, Hollywood Squares. This is a game show that has been around for many years, gone through several hosts and has, of course, updated as the years have gone by. Now, thanks to Nintendo Wii and Ubisoft, the entire family can enjoy this battle of wits in the comfort of their own homes.

I found a few unique twists to this version of the game. To begin with, players can create their own avatars, complete with clothing, hairstyles, accessories, etc. Further varieties of these items can be “purchased” throughout the game, as correct answers are given, rounds won and bonus materials are unlocked. This is a bit of fun for those who enjoy “playing” up their avatars and doing a bit of custom designing of their own. Another fun aspect is the fact that, in addition to the total of nine squares which hold the “helpers/answerers”, the center square is the unique “live” portion of the game. When players pick the center square, they will see a live video clip of one of the following stars: Brad Garrett, Kathy Griffin, Jeffrey Tambor or Martin Mull. The host, Tom Bergeron chats live with the center square celebrity, while asking the featured question. The celebrity will then joke around before answering the question. Other squares picked within the game are computerized avatars, so this live aspect adds a bit of fun.

As far as game play goes, there are nine squares total. Players take turns picking a square, listening to a question and either agreeing or disagreeing with the answer given by that square’s occupant. This is where the idea of tic-tac-toe kicks in. The first player to get three (either x’s or o’s) in a row is the winner. Questions vary in theme and center around current pop culture to geography. Most questions are simple enough that older children can easily play along with adults, making for a fun family game night.

Hollywood Squares for Nintendo Wii is a fairly quick moving game, though despite it’s quickness, younger players may tire after a short time of playing. Our family – consisting of myself, hubby, eight-year-old daughter and four-year-old son (though he was more watching than anything), we played for about thirty minutes at a time. Hubby and I were into the game play a bit more and played longer, but the kids had had enough after that time frame.

All in all, the entertainment factor of Hollywood Squares for Wii is medium, the difficulty easy to medium and the fun factor at a medium. Those who are familiar with the televised game version of Hollywood Squares may have varying thoughts on the translation into video game, however as someone who hasn’t actually watched the show in many years, I found myself enjoying it. I would have to say that this isn’t high on my favorite games for the Wii. However as a player who greatly enjoys playing games of trivia, word play, board games, etc, as opposed to the more simulation and action types of game, Hollywood Squares is passable and fairly fun. I am anxious to try out other televised game show games for the Wii in the future.

My thoughts are that if you are curious and interested in playing Hollywood Squares for Wii, rent or borrow it first, take it for a test spin and if it is something you find entertaining, take the plunge of purchasing it. I truly believe that this is a hit or miss game and the appeal will vary greatly among gamers.

Hollywood Squares is rated E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) by the ESRB for Alcohol Reference, Comic Mischief, Mild Language. This game can also be found on: Windows PC

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