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Nintendo Revolution Named Nintendo Wii

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Nintendo has announced the name of their next generation console, codenamed “Revolution.” Rumored for months to be named “Go,” today Nintendo announced “Wii.” That is Wii, pronounced “we.” Wii symbolizes Nintendo’s goal of creating games for everyone, and bringing people together. The “ii” not only stands for two people, but for the console’s two unique controllers.

While I, and many others, have grown to like the name “Revolution,” Nintendo will not be keeping the code name as they did with the Dual Screen. “Wii” makes sense on so many levels. Without even reading the introductory text, I immediately was able to connect with the “ii” in the name. This is the universal appeal Nintendo is going for, and is exactly what they need as we step even closer to the next console war between Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

The world will find out a lot more about the Nintendo Wii at next month’s E3 expo in Los Angeles. Wii can only wait and see.

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  • You don’t think that the faux-phoneticism is just a tiny bit dorky?

  • Dorkier than DS? Wii has an international flare to it too. So it will be appealing outside the US, not that Nintendo products don’t already sell like hot cakes outside the US.

    I like the name “Revolution,” we have been using it for a year now. But I am sure “Wii” will grow on me. I see it more as a design/philosophy than just phonetics.

    In the end, Wii is different from any other console name yet. Since the Wii is not a powerhouse like the 360 or PS3, it needs that different edge.

    Besides, now we can all commence with the Nintendo Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! jokes. You know, its the widdle one in the console war. Stuff like that.

    Nintendo Wii WI-Fi Connection? Say that 10 times fast.

  • Tim

    How do you get excited about something called piss?

    Maybe it’s just Australia but “wee” is slang for “piss” which is slang for “urine”. I’ve lost most of my enthusiasm for this revolutionary console and really feel deflated because I was so hyped before.

  • “Wii” stands for “What Is It” 🙂

  • I think once people get beyond the name, and stop putting the “eeeeeeee” on the end of it, it is not going to matter what it is called. If you call it “we” without the “eeeeeeeeeee” you want to tack on there, it makes sense.

    Really odd name for a console, yes. Did I like Revolution, yes. But at this point Nintendo is the odd one out, so it doesn’t surprise me.

  • Yeah I agree. Wii is just as silly a name as “xbox” or “dreamcast”. Now that I think of it, all console names are quite pointless.

  • Legions of hardcore gamers cry: “Wii hates it!” Sadly, they don’t seem to realize this reaction just makes average folks perceive them as resembling Gollum even more than they did before.

    “Give us our gameses, Preciousss!”

  • sal m

    i hear nintendo hired the same marketing consulting firm that advised coke to release a new formula.

    and as far as pointless gaming console names go, wii is by leaps and bounds the worst. but what’s in a name, as a rose by any other name…

  • Or perhaps we’re all being Punk’d by the Big N and the real anme will be announced at E3?

    I think so

  • I read that on a copyright blog. Sure it’s a theory, but why go to the trouble.

    As the theory goes, Wii is not trademarked by Nintendo yet. But neither was DS.