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Nintendo Revolution Game Goes Black And White

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Being unique and pushing the envelope doesn’t always mean coming up with a new idea. Sometimes it’s a matter of revisiting something old with an eye toward making it a little different.

That seems to be the thinking behind game developer Nibris’ plans for a Nintendo Revolution title. The game called Sadness will be done in black and white instead of the eye-bursting full color of most of today’s games.

Nibris has decided to follow Nintendo’s path, which definitely fights the stagnation that has occurred in video games, and creates new trends,” said Piotr Orlowski of Nibris games. … “With this move, we want to create a unique environment, which is only available in Sadness,” Orlowski said.

Source: What PC?

[ADBLOCKHERE]For fans of old movies and television, this idea will sound hot. It’s retro in a good way. Black and white images when crisp and clear have the power to burn themselves into people’s memory in a way color rarely can match. Think of some of the most famous images in history and it’s likely the black and white shots are the ones that stand out – the flag raising at Iwo Jima, the Victory Kiss on the streets of New York.

Set in a pre-World War era, Sadness looks like it will be a title to check out.

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